How to find customers with Facebook without spending a fortune

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Always impossible to find customers with Facebook, right? The reason is simple: you have business company personnel, linked to a private presence and non-binding. But I assure you that this social network can become an excellent professional ally, like LinkedIn.

Above all, it can be useful to everyone. Even to those who are starting their own path. Maybe you just finished university and you are looking around, you’re trying to figure out how to harness the Web to find work. In this case, Facebook can help you. Same goes for those who have a company and is looking for new contacts, new leads to add to their databases.

Different scenario: You have published a personal blog, works at the agency and you’re thinking of opening a VAT but you have to find customers. People willing to invest in your own strength, on your skills. You know what? Facebook can bring some interesting contacts.

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Nothing spells on Facebook

What is the secret to finding clients on Facebook? Point number one: there is no magic; I do not know tricks to revive dramatic situations with the snap of fingers. At the same time, however, social networks can help you find jobs and customers, and to earn money online . Want to know what’s my recipe?

Time and expertise. You need time to find clients with Facebook. Do not start today or tomorrow to reap the rewards. Everything comes from the consistency and the ability to listen repeated over time. I cannot tell you how, I cannot give you a precise limit: “In six months you will find the first customer on Facebook”. Who am I to make you this promise?

Then attention: without spending a fortune. In the sense that the investment does not have to gargantuan force. Time is money, and is already a clear investment. Without forgetting that advertising is a weapon essential if you want to get the most from Facebook. Indeed, when you decide to invest in your figure it is the publicity that must be given the right push. In these cases, however, recommend you always be safe here is a complete course Facebook that also addresses the issue of advertising.

Profile visual consistency

What does optimizing your Facebook profile? I try to work on content quality and good shape. What I’m talking about? Beginning from the last point (good form) and create a profile that can summarize information in the best possible way: to become a curriculum where the visuals are welcomed with a professional avatar.

What does this mean? Difficult to define because there are several theories: I prefer to focus on an image halfway between the bank employee and the light-hearted. Better yet, I want to photograph me in a condition in which I recognize myself and without airs that does not belong to me.

The cover, however, may be representative of your business can enclose a message or a call to action. You have problems with the graphics? You can use the predefined templates Canva, a salvation for those unfamiliar with the secrets of Photoshop.

So, you should optimize avatar and cover. In both cases you should respect the size (at least 180 x 180 pixels the first and the second 851 x 315) to always have clear images and add links to the captions. In this way those who click on the visual can reach a page on your blog.


Immediately after the visual are the personal information that you can add to the profile. Fill out all fields as well as possible and reason with the same logic of the curriculum: Only enter you need to get noticed by customers. Want to find work as a social media manager? Put highlight your skills in this field. Same thing if you want to find customers as a blogger or web marketing consultant.

Two are the main points in this case: by the data shown in the synthesis in the upper left. With the new Facebook redesign recalls a blog with a lot of sidebar: it ‘so that at the top there are the most important data .Also in the detailed information you have several fields dedicated to the work experience. Mark these points and, more importantly, it uses tags to name colleagues and companies for which you worked: in this way you can harness the power of references.

Works with storytelling

Want to find customers with Facebook? You have to do personal branding; you have to build a narrative of your professional world. You have to tell what you do, how you do and why you do it. You do not have to dedicate only to the pomposity of the work done; you cannot spend your life building contrast with the public: I did this, I did that.

You must be useful

You know what is the comment marketing? Work on the contents expressed through the comments, make people perceive your value thanks to the contributions of colleagues who leave on message boards, in groups, on pages. This activity may be beneficial to find customers with Facebook: identifies the conversations most heated, interesting comparisons, and show your value in the discussion. Comment well done can be a great advertising.

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Attention to chat

Facebook Chat, Messenger, is a center of communication that you have to get under control especially now that can include text messages. Often it is through this window that you receive job offers. It is the utmost professionalism, I ask potential clients to contact me via email when the negotiation progresses. But the first approach is through this line.

Many times a Facebook chat turns into collaboration, or perhaps in a consultancy. What is the way forward?That friendliness and timeliness: tries to reply to all and with the utmost kindness. It is not always a viable option because, especially if you work for a long time online, messages accumulate and requests are confused.

It also happens to me, do not fear. But if you want to find customers with Facebook this is the recipe: answer the people following the rules of common sense. What does this mean? You have to give, do not give. The people they contact to get information ask for recommendations, finding directions. You are an expert, it is clear that to happen. Then it is your job to stop the conversation and offer advice, always with education. Having as anchor the principle of paid work.

The Facebook friend is interested in the offer? Take it in the mailbox to start the e-mail stream with the budget and related offerings. It pretends not to notice or do you know? It is an interesting contact, perhaps will come back.

So just Facebook?

Find jobs online is a goal that needs a strategy, and then coordinate actions. The choice of these activities depends on a number of internal and external factors, but one point is clear: Facebook is not enough. Or rather, this platform may not be enough to cover your needs.

Looking for new customers online? Facebook can help. But the logic that lies behind the inbound marketing(make sure they are the right people to come to you), has as reference the blog. An independent reality that takes traffic from search engines, social, from inbound links, from newsletters. Here landing pages work hard to gain the lead, and this is the beginning of a funnel structured.

The blog is not the solution to all the ills of the world and the same goes for Facebook. What I suggest is simple: Currency carefully the tools, creates (if possible and necessary) harmony to find new customers, do not limit your activities to Facebook. It can be a source, one of the gear mechanism.

Find customers with Facebook: possible?

I tell you this: You can find customers with Facebook without spending a fortune. I did it and I do it every day committing my time to create value and to make personal branding. Or for me to know, and to communicate to potential customers my perspective, my professional philosophy. And my skills that, it seems obvious, must be confirmed in the field.

Otherwise you can take advantage of anything you want, every single social network available, but the nodes always come home to roost. Do you agree? You have experience with this? Did you find work or customers through updates and Facebook chat? Leave your experience in the comments.

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