3 Ways to scream your brand message in the online world without being a “greengrocer”

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In recent years, the marketing world has evolved into a trend of building relationships between consumers and brands.

Marketing strategies have put the focus on getting a two-way communication with the target audience to achieve their engagement, especially following the increased use of social networks and the formation of specific communities of users with specific interests.

What pursues any company is to ensure that consumers not only buy your product but love it.

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The legion of fans of brands like Apple or Nike is envied and persecuted by many other brands trying to encourage public participation through interaction with it.

However, this is what they want brands but not consumers.

In fact, the public is not interested in talks or generate content for the brand even performs actions on behalf of the market strategy. Simply they love the product and it is there where the brand relationship ends.

And if you look at some of the companies most vainglorious for its marketing as Apple, Nike and Red Bull, we found that none of them establishes two – way conversations with users, they do not try to be your friends, and encourage them to share their stories.

They are based, however, in an attractive, interesting and with a view that is meaningful message to consumers.

At the end of the day, it is not participation, but care and in a fragmented world, divided into thousands of small screens, the real challenge for brands is to be able to get consumers to stop scrolling and stop in what they have to tell.

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We know it’s not an easy task but it is necessary to achieve any initiative to have a reason, is planned, have objectives and based on these three pillars…

1. Solve a real problem

Whether solve some point in the process of consumption and increase the customer experience in some new way. One brand that has understood this concept is that L’Oréal with its Genius app, let’s see how the makeup is no need to have it physically and which already has 24 million downloads.

2. The message should be interesting

This is having a real perspective on something and shows it in a different, original and unique way. The agency Wieden + Kennedy so does the campaign “We like It Here You Might Too” for Travel Oregon.

3. Become facilitator

We know that consumers do not want to talk to brands, they just want their products but they like to share and build relationships with others in the same community with shared interests.

So, brands should use this to your advantage by creating successful connections that help meet the needs and solve consumer problems. Under Armour, through the acquisition of platforms you wanted to connect and inspire athletes from around the world. Visit http://thefirewheel.com/ for more tips.

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