Your website must be optimised for mobile. Here’s why.

Here are four reasons that your website should be mobile-ready.

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Mobile/tablet usage is booming.

More than half of all online shopping purchases are now made on a mobile device rather than a PC or a laptop. Almost three quarters of the UK population have a mobile device, and they are being used for up to two hours a day for browsing the internet. With statistics like this, it is vital that your website is ready to take advantage of shoppers who are using mobile devices to browse.

Mobile users need a different internet experience from PC users.

Mobile screens are small in comparison, and visual content is important. Your site should reflect this and should be easy to navigate from a smaller screen. Content, videos and images should automatically resize for the screens, and menus should be clearly placed and easy to use.

Websites need to be quick to load.

Research shows that if a site takes more than five seconds to load, many visitors will leave without waiting for content to finish loading. Attracting people to your site is only half the battle; you certainly don’t want to lose them because your site is too slow to navigate.

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Search engines, especially Google, favour mobile optimised websites.

If your content isn’t mobile-friendly, then it won’t rank as favourably as other sites. Google will place mobile-optimised sites higher up the ranking, pushing down any sites that are not optimised. This is no small matter as page ranking is so important these days.

According to Forbes, there are tools out there to help you determine just how mobile-ready your site is. If you aren’t sure where to start, it may be worth turning to a specialist, professional London web design company; are one such company that can handle this for you.

You can do one simple test yourself to see if your website is mobile and tablet-friendly. Just visit your site from a mobile or tablet and take some time to browse around. Check that all the menus and pages are easily navigated, content loads quickly, and everything looks good within your small screen. If this is not the case or the site is frustrating to use, your customers and visitors will have a bad experience.

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