4 recurring challenges that manufacturers face in marketing influencers

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As marketing becomes popular influencers, the challenges are increasing and things are becoming more difficult.

The “influencers marketing” is increasingly fashionable. Brands have understood that in the universe of social networks these figures have become increasingly important and more crucial to connect with the consumer. They have to change strategy and need to know to connect with these figures, increasingly valuable and important, if you want to really connect with consumers.

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But connecting with influencers and use them in a campaign is not so simple. Brands have not yet very clear how to remunerate that service (or should do) or what to ask these social figures to connect with audiences. As marketing becomes popular influencers, the challenges are increasing and things are becoming more difficult.

What are the main challenges that manufacturers face when doing marketing with influencers?

An analysis Econsultancy has focused on finding some points where brands seem to agree in indicating that is where your strategy with influencers or makes more water or meets the most entrenched problems.

Finding the perfect influencer

It is not the main problems that companies face when they want to do marketing influencers and one that can generate more tensions and problems in drawing a truly efficient campaign. Brands do not know what should be the influencer with which they must connect, because they have no clear what is best for them and what is the profile that best fits influencer. At the end of the day, we must not forget that not all influencers are valid for all brands and have millions of followers does not mean being the best partner for a specific brand.

The analysis includes figures from a study in which he was asked to brands of the fashion industry and the beauty of its relationship with influencers. 73% of respondents indicated that makers identify the best influencer was the main challenge faced in these campaigns, ahead of measuring the ROI or being able to get your attention and interest. Brands are also learning (slowly) it is not worth to do a search on Twitter or Google to find the perfect influencer.

Moving away from pseudo-gurus and false messiahs

Generally, influencers are recognized as true professionals and opinion leaders whose words, opinions, criticisms or comments can generate certain reactions, moves and changes.

The search for influencers can lead to brands and companies to fall into the traps and the siren songs of pseudo-fashion gurus and self – proclaimed messiah himself as leaders and experts of new trends. If already, finding a good influencer can be a complex task, getting caught by those who sold himself as evangelists masses with false promises, you can end up spending bill and make every effort in a big failure.

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Measure the ROI of shares

Is the second point that brands often point out as a problem when analyzed how campaigns influencers and how the brands are able to measure what happens to them are created. Brands do not know what systems used to measure ROI and especially those systems, which are actually giving valuable information. Is that the system that is actually pointing them how they are recouping investment?

Brands are staying, in fact, things to set the return they are getting with their actions with influencers and are getting into the same bag many different issues. 79% said that measures success in terms of web traffic that actions generated compared to 66 who stays with the times that the content is shared, 57 which focuses on income generation, 54 coverage associated media, with 53 mentions in blogs and achieved 36% with leads.

Achieving the attention of the appropriate influencer

But brands do not only have problems when creating campaigns, but also in preparing the ground for them. Companies do not know how that should connect with influencers. They not clear what should rely on to get their attention and especially do not know how to approach them to convince them to become advocates of your brand. There are no clear rules of etiquette to fall back on and that makes things more complicated. In addition, as the idea of ​​using influencers becomes more popular, brands pummeled by the pressure to do well and are burdened by an increase competencies (if they get ill to influencer another brand ‘will be taken’), which it makes things even more complicated.

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