Best shows like sense8 that you can enjoy

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Alternating between sci-fi and survival, Sense8 was Netflix’s gamble, but when it comes to the Wachowskis, it was worth a try. If you liked this great production and, like me, it seemed too short, in this article, I have 10 shows like sense8 that you can enjoy on your favorite streaming services. Keep reading and get to know them!

The shows like sense8

With a rather original proposal, the Wachowski Sisters managed to captivate the audience for 2 seasons that, to be honest, should have been many more. Even so, at the time Netflix gave its last word, canceling the series and leaving the ending open, surely that is why you are looking for series similar to Sense 8.

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Many complaints from the followers of the series forced Netflix to produce a special 2-hour episode that solved the unknowns and closed the plot definitively.

The fact of distributing the leading role between 8 characters so different and completely unknown to each other, in addition to masterfully developing 8 different stories on the axis of the main plot, gave the series a perfect and well-balanced mix.

Here is a list of best shows like sense8 that every fan should see:

Orphan Black (2013)

Orphan Black (2013)

A high-caliber science fiction series. In it, veteran actress Tatiana Maslany plays more than 10 physically identical but psychologically very different characters. According to the plot of the series, Sarah Manning (who begins by stealing the identity of a woman identical to her) is part of a secret cloning experiment and an intricate conspiracy plan. Eventually, he meets his other clones and together, they will have to fight to survive the persecution of the DYAD Institute.

Heroes (2006)

An iconic series within the science fiction and superhero genre. In an alternate future in which many people around the world are beginning to exhibit superpowers, a mysterious corporation is interested in using this phenomenon for their convenience.

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Throughout the plot, the fates of the newly gifted cross paths to stop ‘The Company’ plan and save the world from destruction at the hands of the inevitable supervillains. This is one of the best sense 8-like series you’ll find, hands down.

The OA (2016)

After being missing for seven years, Prairie Johnson reappears into public life, now with the nickname The OA. She shows large scars on her back and despite having been blind before her disappearance, she can now see. He refuses to talk about the place where he was or how I regain my vision.

She only tells the details to a group of five young people from her locality, whom she asks to help her rescue other captive people like her, using for this purpose an interdimensional portal that only she knows.

The 100 (2014)

In a post-apocalyptic future, the earth has been devastated and uninhabitable after a catastrophic nuclear war. 400 survivors flee into space in several ships that later unify to form a space station called ‘The Ark.’ Almost 100 years later, a group of 100 young people is secretly sent to find out if the planet is habitable again. But when the situation arrives, it will not be as simple as they thought, nor will they be as alone as it was originally supposed to be.

Glitch (2015)

In the small town of Yoorana, a miraculous and inexplicable event has happened: 6 people who have died for some time appear outside their graves, alive and perfectly healthy. None of them remember anything about their past, except Kate Willis, who also remembers the way she died. Officer James Hayes will be in charge of guarding the secret and finding out the truth of this strange case.

Falling Skies (2011)

The classic alien invasion, but putting more weight on the alliances between human and extraterrestrial groups. This series takes place 6 months after the start of a bloody alien invasion of Earth, which exterminated 90% of the entire population and neutralized all forms of civil and military technology.

The leader of the resistance, known as the 2nd Mass, is Tom Mason, a former history professor who will use all tactical and strategic means to keep the flame of hope burning. It may not be one of the series similar to sense 8 for some, but the truth in some moments is almost identical.

3% (2016)

The first Netflix series was produced in Brazil. A kind of Gattaca, but more socio-cultural than genetic. In a world divided between a marginal majority living in a devastated world and an elite of gifted inhabitants of a pseudo-paradise, from time to time, people are given the opportunity to elevate their status quo.

A series of tests are carried out on the participants and only 3% will be eligible to join the elite, breaking all their previous ties. Obviously, not everyone will be happy with this form of discrimination.

Touch (2012)

shows like sense8

A series highly underrated by critics, which perfectly combines science fiction with themes related to spirituality. The story focuses on the life of a widowed former reporter and his autistic son (Jake), who, despite his condition, seems to have the wonderful gift of understanding the world and communicating through numbers.

Eventually, the supernatural origin of this ability is revealed and enemies will appear that will put Jake’s life in danger. A simply brutal series, and one of the series very similar to sense 8 as well.

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Awake (2012)

With a rather strange but exciting plot, Awake takes us into the life of detective Michael Britten, who, after having a car accident with his wife and son, wakes up every day in two different alternate realities: one in which his wife passed away and another in which her son died.

This situation initially alters the protagonist psychologically, but little by little he will get used to and make sense of these two realities that occur in parallel but that over time will mysteriously intertwine.

Black Mirror (2011)

A cult series with self-concluding chapters. Its fundamental premise is the technology and the way we relate to it, although always in a rather dark and pessimistic tone. As its name suggests, technology is not assumed to be good or bad but rather as a mirror that reflects who we really are… And in general, it does not usually reflect beautiful things.

If you know any other shows like sense8, leave it in the comments.

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