Mi Pad 3 teaches the patita: We expect a bigger Xiaomi tablet, with Windows 10

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Mi Pad 2 is a tablet that we liked, especially remarkable for design and price, as is usual in Xiaomi. Although it is a kind of product with a long life cycle, it was getting hard to get an update, but it seems that the wait is over: Mi Pad 3 is about to become a reality.

We can share a leak in which we learned many interesting things, first has to do with the size, growing significantly: from 7.9 inches would spend at 9.7 inches – 2048×1536 pixels. Alternatively, what is the same, we are going to iPad size.

Mi Pad 3
Image Source: Google Image

The source of the news says that will present the 30 December – in and for China – and it is here already. It has been a year since the last model also implies that there are new internal specifications, led by Intel, the ideal heart for your operating system, Windows 10.

If the data is confirmed the tablet will come very well from RAM, also storage. Remember that it is Windows 10

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The specific brain of this tablet will be an Intel Core m3-7Y30. Come up with other technical data leaked, very bright, as the presence of 8GB of RAM, which is four times more than last year’s model. We can also highlight storage options, with 128 and 256GB.

We finished reviewing counting the battery is 8,290 mAh and is charged through a port USB-C (already had the Mi Pad 2). The good thing is that they have managed to put it in a thickness of only 6.1 millimeters, and a weight of 380 grams, in both parameters wins the iPad. The cameras are 16 and 8 megapixels.

There will be Android version? We assume that yes, but the data that has been leaked only tells us about the model with the Microsoft system, which now has a more capable place to develop, both power and screen size. As you can see in the images, there are going to be missing accessories that will turn it into a 2 in 1.

For speaking talking up prices, placing a label with 273 dollars – to change – for the 128GB model, and up to 314 dollars for the model with twice the capacity. The keyboard will come out for about 13 dollars. Do we believe it? Yes, they will sell well in the typical import stores.

Like all filtration, we have to take it with pliers, but what they tell us sounds very good.

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