The reorganization comes to HP up to 4000 layoffs by falling computer sales

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Just a few hours ago we talked about the PC market suffered a further drop in sales for the eighth consecutive quarter, being the longest in the history of the PC industry. And today we see the first reactions as HP Inc. is announcing one restructuring that will lead to the dismissal of 3000 to 4000 workers in the next three years.

This comes as part of a reorganization in the company seeking to save up to $ 300 million ahead to 2020, a reorganization resulting from the higher restructuring we met in late 2015, where the company separated in Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP Inc., the latter which is presenting still more changes.

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Computers and printers, the main “problems”

Before the separation of HP, the company was known for having a history of layoffs that led him to close with a workforce of around 55,000 workers this when the company had more than 300,000. Just before the announcement of their separation and was planned elimination of 111,800 jobs, which eventually became 33,300, where 4,000 of them were presented this 2016.

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The drop in demand in the market for computers and printers has led HP Inc. is raised this new scenario that will add to the 33,300 layoffs announced in 2015 and which should be concluded by the end of fiscal year 2019.

These layoffs cover all areas of the company and positions will be eliminated in all departments, where according to the CEO Dion Weisler the goal is to try to relocate at least 1,000 workers in other positions. This announcement has affected the markets where the company already has a 2% drop in its shares.


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