Why Your Small Business Needs Encrypted Emails

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If you think your business is too small to worry about tougher security measures like encrypted emails, it’s time to think again – cyber-attacks directed against small business have been on a steady rise in recent years, and by one estimate, the average loss per attack was nearly $200,000. Depending on your business, the consequences of exposing yourself to cyber crime may differ, ranging from direct financial loss to a ruined reputation. The Sony email hack made international headlines because of the wide-ranging consequences, as well as the fact that it was perpetrated by a rogue state, but small businesses and their executives can also find themselves under investigation if they allow customer information to be hacked.

Globally, small businesses need to adapt to more secure means of communications, not only to mitigate financial loss, but also to protect their customers’ and employees’ information, much of which by law must be sent by encrypted email. Mobile communications are where businesses become most vulnerable, which is why many businesses are now looking for company-wide plans for PGP encryption. PGP encryption scrambles email messages with advanced algorithms so that they are uninterpretable if they are intercepted by hackers or monitoring parties. Only the intended recipient can read the message – what happens is a session key required to decode the message is encrypted and sent with the message. The recipient, as long as they are using the same security system, decrypts the session key with a private key unique to their device and that only they know.

Introducing PGP encryption company-wide is the most effective way to keep your business away from prying eyes and safeguard against leaks and hacking. If, like many businesses, your employees all use company-issued BlackBerry devices for their jobs, you can find a subscription plan from a BlackBerry PGP encryption company like Myntex. This particular company offers some of the things your business should definitely look for in a provider, including global service, 24-hour support, and complete control over in-house data centres.

In-house servers are an important feature for the safety of your business communications; only the PGP encryption company itself should have access to the servers to prevent unauthorized access. Outsourced servers, especially in offshore locations, are particularly vulnerable to compromised access, largely due to corruption, which is why better companies like Myntex maintain their data centers in their own facilities.

As a business, you will likely have to work with an authorized PGP encryption reseller; ordering the service from a local reseller can help you find an affordable plan for your entire business. If you visit the Myntex website, you can find all of their global resellers, with partners in North America, Europe, South America, and Australia providing businesses and individuals with unprecedented security. There are plenty of reasons businesses should sign up for mobile device encryption, from keeping your business plans out of your competitors hands to protecting your customers’ financial information from fraudsters and hackers. Protect your business from cyber crime and avoid embarrassing leaks that hurt your reputation with PGP encryption today.

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