How to fix blurry photos on Android?

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Often, those who own a smartphone usually take photos to immortalize a moment of our life, an emotion, of the places visited, of people. Photography is therefore a significant moment in our life. Sometimes, however, reviewing them at a later time we realize that some of them are blurry. This problem is very common if we use smartphone cameras.

In fact, as we all know, they are not professional reflex cameras. Lately, we no longer have to worry about this defect as a new application called Fix Photo Blur is available on the Android market. Its installation gives us the possibility to correct most of the defects contained in the shot image. In this guide, we want to offer concrete help to our readers who are photography lovers. Specifically, we want to help them understand and learn, how and what to do, in order to correct all the photos that have come out of focus on Android devices.

How to fix blurry photos on Android?

fix blurry photos

If our photo is blurry we can easily install Fix Photo Blur from the Android market. This app is free and gives us the opportunity to try to reconstruct the blurred parts of the photo; we can do this operation thanks to the specially dedicated functions in the application. Here is the information on how to move within the program.

Make the changes

The first thing to do is upload the photo, then the application will provide us with two sliders: one that is useful for reducing blur; unfortunately it cannot be completely removed. The other is essential to partially eliminate the so-called noise, that is some defects due to shots in the presence of low light, settings not properly adjusted, etc. Or even from any imperfections caused by the effects of the first slider. Additional imperfections may occur due to various factors, such as a photo taken running, a macro taken too close, moving subjects, and so on.

Save your work

After completing the modification, the only thing to do is to click on “Save” and that’s it. Even if the other photo is blurry or has defects, don’t worry as the program doesn’t delete it and doesn’t overwrite it with the new one. The app only creates a copy, thus giving us the possibility to carry out various tests until we reach a result that we prefer. Knowing how to correct blurry photos on Android is very useful, to always have perfect photos at hand.

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