How to hide caller id on iphone?

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Whatever the reason, we may want to call someone with the hidden number from our iPhone. Surely you have wondered if it is something complicated or if otherwise, it is a function that we can carry out comfortably. There is a very simple way to make a call with a hidden number on the iPhone without installing any app. Since what we use is a native tool from Apple’s own Smartphone to hide our identity when we are calling. Something that we can activate from the same keyboard like the iPhone.

How to call with a hidden number?

Well, it is as simple as opening the iPhone phone application and clicking on the keyboard icon, the same one we use to dial any phone when we make a call.

How to hide caller id on iphone

This code is the one that must precede the number we are going to call. Now we write # 31 # on the keyboard, followed by the number we want to call. Therefore, if we want to call 93 793 00 00, we must write # 31 # 93793000. In this way, that call will be made with our hidden ID, without the person receiving the call knowing who we are. Of course, you should know that this type of concealment will only be active during a call. So if you want to use it again, you have to re-enter code # 31 #.

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Make calls with hidden ID

The calls received with hidden ID are quite common. Sometimes they come from Call Centers or various services, others from private individuals who wish to conceal their number. If you also want to forward calls with hidden ID, you can follow two paths. The first way is to set the option for indicating the number from the telephone menu. The second is to put a numeric code before the number you want to call. In both cases, the service is free. It can be used without time limits or telephone operator, and whoever receives the call will see on the telephone display the words Unknown number, Private number, Hidden ID or similar indications. Now let’s see how to make calls with hidden ID from mobile phones, smartphones or landlines.

Call with hidden ID via dedicated option

Most Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones allow you to automatically hide the ID during a call. On an Android smartphone, simply access the Phone (where we would go to start a call), press the three vertical dots at the top right to access the options and follow the Settings> Other settings> Outgoing number. From this menu, you can change the visibility of the ID by setting “Hide number”. On an iOS smartphone, simply press the gear icon in the Home to access the settings, click on the phone item and set Show Caller ID to OFF. On a Windows phone, simply access the dialer for calls, press the three horizontal dots at the bottom right and access the Settings menu.

All with hidden ID from mobile

Making hidden ID calls from mobile is pretty straightforward. Just type in the phone number of the person you want to call and prepend a numeric code that will indicate to the telephone company the need not to forward the caller ID. The numeric code is # 31 # and is valid for any fixed and mobile network operator. So, if we want to contact the number 3331122333, we need to dial # 31 # 3331122333 and start the call.

Call with hidden ID from smartphone

To make calls with hidden ID from a smartphone, proceed exactly as making calls with hidden ID from a mobile phone. The only difference is, of course, how the call is initiated. While from a mobile phone, it is sufficient to type the number on the keyboard, from a smartphone, it is necessary to access the dialer or the app dedicated to calls, type the number to call and put the code # 31 # in front. If you want to retrieve the number directly from the phone book, the procedure is the same: once the desired number has been loaded, just edit it to enter the code to hide the ID.

Hide the ID with policy

Even if making calls with a hidden ID can give the illusion of making phone calls in complete anonymity, it is necessary to remember that the number is anonymous only to the recipient of the call. Every telephone operator is perfectly capable of detecting the number from which any call originates and can keep track of it if necessary. Additionally, there are several ways to unmask a hidden ID and determine which number an anonymous call is coming from. In conclusion, making calls with hidden ID can be useful in some cases, but it is good not to abuse the possibility and, above all, make conscientious use of it.

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