How to remove scratches from phone touch screen

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The unsightly and annoying consequence of using our mobile phone is wear. The scratches on display and the rest of the body, if they are superficial, do not alter the functionality. Still, they are often unsightly and everyone wants to get rid of it to restore your phone to the first purchase’s candid state characteristic. With this simple guide, you will learn how to improve the aesthetics of your phone, fight the effects of continuous use and remove annoying scratches.

How to remove scratches from phone touch screen?


In this case, the first precaution is not to use the one with micro granules, as it would further scratch the touch screen monitor of our mobile phone. Here too, as in the previous case, with a cotton swab or cotton wool, we will go to caress the scratch, which should be considerably reduced with the toothpaste’s action.

Displex paste

It is a type of transparent colored paste that can be found in all telephony businesses. This paste, placed on a soft cloth, possibly in microfiber, is used to remove scratches from the mobile phone: it must be applied in the scratch area, always rubbing in the same direction. The screen should then be cleaned with a soft, clean cloth, and again the scratch should have reduced its size.

Cerium oxide

It is an indispensable component for all detergents used for cleaning glass: all the solutions that include this component can be useful to the cause. In addition, this product is also available in powder form, and 100 grams applied to the scratch should give a fantastic effect, eliminating the scratch.

Car scratch removal creams

This method is a sort of last resort since the product’s application field in question is not telephony but cars. But, since the main reason for use is almost the same, spreading a scratch removal cream on cars could also give us good results.

Get some abrasive paste

The only thing we need is simply an abrasive paste. There are different brands. We can easily find them in a hardware store, hobby shops, DIY, do it yourself, etc … Eventually, it is possible to get help from the shopkeeper who will surely indicate the most suitable product for our purpose.

In addition to the abrasive paste, it is also possible to use the car paste. Used in very small doses, it performs this task very well. Another more “home-made” method, with which we can obtain excellent results, is toothpaste, which, thanks to the presence of a smoothing component, can replace the abrasive paste. When choosing, the utmost attention must be paid: toothpaste with micro granules must be strictly avoided as they would aggravate the problem by scratching the screen even more.

Apply the abrasive paste on the scratches

We move on to the practical part: we have the tube, we have our scratched mobile phone. Let’s see how to eliminate the scratches on its surface specifically. We squeeze a small amount of product on display (or on the affected area) and, with the help of a cotton swab, or with a cotton swab (even the disks used to remove make-up are perfect for this purpose) and begin to rub the material on the surface, applying light pressure.

At the end of this operation, let’s use a new disk or a soft cloth (a simple paper handkerchief is fine too) to remove the excess. We clean everything taking care not to leave residues. When finished, the situation should be markedly improved. If there is still some deeper imperfection that has not yet gone away, we can repeat the operation (which can be used for all touch devices).

Get a sturdy case

Obviously, this system does not allow us to work miracles. Still, it allows us to greatly improve our phone’s aesthetics by eliminating all those superficial scratches that are inevitable with use. Now, since prevention is better than cure, let’s get a specific case for our smartphone, and, more importantly, one of those protective films for the screen (you can also buy an entire sheet, to be cut out in the sizes we want. needed). And everything will return (almost) as new.

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