7 tips you need to know for a good web design

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The design is paramount in all areas; however, have to pay attention to which it is directly related to the most attractive means for peoples today, it is according to the study of media consumption digital, the 28% of the population spends four hours on average a day surfing the internet, when only 20% of the population dedicates three hours a day watching cable TV, which indicates greater attention mass and Internet time, the most widely used.

The designer demonstrates his creativity in strategic and graphic creation of design web sites of each brand, which attracts your target market, a good web design brand significantly difference.

Good web design
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Here are 7 tips when you should pay attention web designer area…

  1. Create Power of Confidence to the brand in the Consumer

Give the necessary tools portal content about the product / service, take advantage of the benefits, it helps solve problems, the more information is generated, more confidence in the brand will have the target market we must not limit ourselves only to publicize physical characteristics.

  1. Create structure by design

Create graphics that are capable of guiding the viewer into a certain action; this is handled by the features of color, size and shape.

  1. Accessibility and usability

They are so important aspects of a web page because the audience can be thwarted by the expected time or difficulty navigating and runs away from his page.

  1. Visual Graphic striking

The logo should make an impact, interpenetration and identification of the target market with the brand, place it in a strategic place within your website (taking into account the strategic design in the structure), will call wing action entry.

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  1. Mobile design

14% of the population is connected to the internet from their smartphone and the trend is increasing leading designers and creative to find the way to engage the audience with mobile design, applications of interest which are designed to profit or benefit to the consumer, that generate brand awareness in daily life becomes loyalty.

  1. Cutting edge technology

With the aforementioned growth of mobile Internet technologies also evolve, it is important incursions in the new “screens” will generate novelty and interest.

  1. Simple elements

You do not need to put a lot of graphics, the less better, the idea is a graphical communication that is able to catch the attention of the target market.

The basic theme is simplicities…

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