Avoid These 4 Ecommerce CRM Problems For Rapid Onboarding Success

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While there are now many CRM software bundles available for companies to purchase, the truth is that this product was not always the easiest to use. Companies that were extremely forward thinking have been using CRM software for a long time. However, many of these companies now talk about the ecommerce CRM problems they faced when they first started using these products. Perhaps this is why a lot of people have a bad impression about this type of CRM software.

The reality is that these problems are not present in the software that you will purchase in the coming weeks and months. Newer ecommerce CRM software is a lot more advanced, easy to use and intuitive than it was in the past. However, it is still important to understand these ecommerce CRM problems in terms of why they existed and how they impacted companies around the country. Here are some of the major CRM problems companies used to face:

Ecommerce CRM Problems

  1. Difficult to Understand

When the first iterations of CRM software came out many years ago, they were extremely complicated for companies to use. It took a long time for company employees to understand how to navigate the interface. While some of these software bundles performed many admirable features, they were so difficult to understand that companies gave up on them entirely. Did it really make sense for employees to spend weeks trying to understand what the software was supposed to do? The reality is that CRM software is meant to simplify things, but the early editions were making life more complicated for small and medium-sized businesses.

  1. High Expectations

One of the issues most companies recall with early CRM software is their own high expectations. Because we were in the midst of the dot-com bubble, companies felt that the latest technology would really revolutionize how they approached certain tasks. Companies had one or two problems within a specific department and they thought the CRM software was a magic cure that they would install to get the answers they wanted.

  1. Sector-Specific Uses

It is only now that companies understand how they need to take a measured and overarching approach with their CRM software. In the past, companies thought this was simply a type of software they could buy for their customer service team, install it on their computers and let the customer service team figure out how it worked. This approach did not always generate the best results. Not only were customer service teams struggling to understand the software, but it was not helping them in an appreciable way.

One of the reasons the software did not help was because other departments were not using it. Keeping CRM confined to one or two parts of a company is not utilizing the software to its full potential. It is only when companies began realizing that the software could help them with marketing, finances, data collection, analysis and customer service did they begin to see real results.

  1. Lacking Features

Another issue with the early CRM software was the fact that it did not have many features. The CRM software from the past did have excellent capabilities, but companies had to put in a lot of work to make use of the analysis features. Now CRM software comes with a lot of industry-specific workflows already built in the program.

Thankfully, you can easily avoid many of these common problems today by merely vetting the software that you are using first. With the limited trial usage period, offered by most providers, you can identify and correct any common onboarding issues early on. What’s more, you have the ability to test several solutions to find a solid fit for your company. Make sure you dedicate ample time to onboarding, testing, review and integration. Doing so can help you determine what solution will be suit your company’s needs now, and well into the future.

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