5 tips for direct mail marketing

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Direct mail is a traditional strategy of marketing, very still used in times of social networks and e-mails, because they can be used as a means to direct the consumer form. Its use has risen because consumers are exposed too much of advertising in their daily life, which increasingly pay little attention to these ads. Therefore, it is necessary directly with messages that will have to necessarily check. Here are some tips to improve the use of our direct mail…

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1) Start several pieces of direct mail campaign: Direct mail is a unique opportunity to reach our customers directly, so you should take the opportunity to provide material of interest, which can generate a response, whether the visit to the premises of business or purchase.

2) Create multiple approaches and measure the impact of direct mail: Direct mailing should be exemplar with different approaches. You can include magazines, letters and invitation, free samples, brochures. There are many ways to implement this direct mail. In addition, you must measure the utility of these approaches, monitoring the public response from direct mail.

3) Include a compelling call to action: A call to action is a traditional element of the ads advertising, but very necessary. Phrases call to action is “Call Now!”, “Limited offer”, “discount in the first 50 call.” You must be creative to form a phrase that call to action.

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4) Using cards and envelopes that attract attention: Direct mail also has a lot of direct competition, large companies and small businesses similar to yours. While this strategy is more direct, you need to stand out from the other mail from other companies, whether or not competitors direct. One way to stand out is with the envelope, which must be original for the consumers prefer to read.

5) Send free samples and other incentives: Direct mail should include a free sample of the product or a coupon to try the service. This is necessary because the customer will not be encouraged to buy if you do not know the benefits of the product. For more visit http://madblogz.com/.

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