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Hi, let’s start from the assumption that the website is a fundamental component of a marketing strategy.

If you have the necessary marketing knowledge, if you can write for the web, if you learn some usability notions, if you know how to create and treat images, if you have a certain aesthetic sense, or if you have a lot of time to study at least the basics of these elements, the technical part you solve systems like Weebly or WordPress.

Having to spend time learning a system, I would recommend WordPress to help you find assistance and support much more easily.

Those who decide to hire a professional at the end do it because they have no time to study what is necessary or because they have tried and achieved unsatisfactory results.

But I’m here to make sites from scratch, and to help customers like you improve, update, optimize, speed up, the site you do yourself.

This is one of those questions that are anything but trivial to answer.

A good professional (or better yet an agency, this for the mixture of more figures working on the same project), guarantees you:

  1. a) More quality
  2. b) Given the above point, more likely to achieve the desired result and no less important to monetize
  3. c) Less overall trouble. Example: poor provider choice, workflow at amateur levels, dirty and poorly optimized code, poor performance etc …

The point c is not to be underestimated, since we risk, even if we succeed in obtaining good results, to ruin everything thanks to some involuntary oversight and / or due to lack of experience.

platforms to create sites

So you think that one is not even of the profession what results can get.

Then of course, you could also do it yourself, but it all depends on the goal

This is not about IBM’s new online marketing strategy. But if a craftsman or a small business owner can use this solution for a simple showcase site. The answer is yes. And we would miss anything else if in 2017 we web professionals can only earn money by making showcase sites from 3 pages, which at best will be seen only by the customer’s relatives.

Simply because they sell the wrenches, but why don’t you repair the car yourself, but go to a professional mechanic!

Multiple reasons… surely because if you contact a professional you will have quality, assistance and guarantees that a free portal will never be able to offer you. More advantages in terms of positioning if things are done properly.

Then obviously it should be, it also depends on the professional you are targeting.

Programs or platforms to create sites independently, there are industrial quantities, BUT support, advice, the right moves to make (even the choice of colors and position of the elements, by yourself you will not have the same results.

I advise you to try. The lucky one you will contact to fix what will not satisfy you, you will pay double.

We must then contextualize what kind of application is needed. For a simple showcase site of a normal small company there are no problems. These platforms are sufficient for a good product

There are those who are not web designers and of pc and web they do not understand anything. It is easy to make them understand the difference between a web designer and site building platforms. Then there are those like you who are not web designers but know the PC and the web. For those like you (and I say it without offense, of course) it is more difficult to understand the value of a professional’s work because you are used to seeing websites as nice toys. Perhaps it is also the “fault” of the various social media that allow you to do amazing things with extreme simplicity. I would be curious to know your evaluation, even approximate, of the value of a site like Facebook or YouTube. But I advise you to go beyond the money to spend on a site.

The world is full of people who laughed at the estimates of web designers and then turned to them because they could not do it themselves. The fact remains that if you do not have any claim, such platforms can be a good starting point but to say that a site cannot be worth more than tot euros … well ..

Why don’t you build your own furniture at home, but do you ask a good carpenter? Why don’t you build a house on your own, but turn to an engineer, an architect, etc.?

Obviously those are standard, anonymous, non-index able platforms, they are used only for a window sitarello of little importance, while to have a real marketing tool that produces customers you have to rely on a professional.

For the same reason that you do not rely on DIY if you need a car, a home, any finished product whose production is not your responsibility: the guarantee of a quality result.

One perhaps thinks of saving but then it ends up spending twice as much because he must turn to someone who protects damage and malfunctions or intervenes when the site does not produce the desired results.

Wanting to explain it with a metaphor, I would say that you can cut yourself or dye your hair by yourself, because there are all the tools to make it available to anyone, or you can go to a professional hairdresser, who obviously has studied and had a preparation on it, and you will get a different result.

So I think everyone is free to use DIY, but the difference is precisely in understanding what is “professional” or “self-made”.

As for WordPress instead, I can say with certainty that a site created with that CMS by a professional is different from the one made with the same platform, by a non-expert.

You can create the site with WordPress yourself, but unless you study and do not specialize, you will have a site that sins in terms of care and quality

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