How to make a redstone repeater in minecraft

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As we all know, the Redstone mineral is used to power various systems and objects due to its conductive or electrical power. Among the objects and tools that we can use, thanks to this block, we have the Red Stone Repeater or Redstone Repeater, an object that has quite interesting uses. If you want to know how it works, and mainly: how to make a redstone repeater in minecraft? In this installment, we are going to answer all your questions, follow us and know what to do!

A Red Stone Repeater is a block that works through the red stone or Redstone. It has three functions: as a diode, repeater and signal retarder. Also discover How to Teleport in Minecraft in Creative and Survival Mode

How to make a redstone repeater in Minecraft?

how to make a redstone repeater in minecraft

To make a Redstone repeater

We will need three elements and they are the following: 1 unit of Redstone Dust, 2 units of Redstone Torches and 3 units of Stone Block. If we do not have any of these elements, we must go in search of them. We will tell you shortly how to get these materials.

The Redstone powders come from the Redstone ores that we can get in layer 16 or lower. In order to extract it, we will need an iron pick, we will hit the Redstone ore (gray block with red incrustations, and that emanates a certain luminosity) and We will obtain from 2 to 3 units of Redstone powder if we carry a pick with a fortune enchantment this can increase the probability of finding the material and obtain more than the units that we would usually get from each block.

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To get the Redstone torches

We need to have on hand: Redstone powder and sticks. As we have previously obtained the Redstone powders, we only have to get the sticks. For this, we will need to equip ourselves with an ax and head towards the nearest trees, and then we only have to cut them down to get the tree trunks. Once the logs are obtained, we will go to the work table and turn them into wooden planks; later, we will use the artboard (again) and create the sticks, as follows:

To get the stone blocks

We will use a pick and dig a 3 × 3 hole. First, we will extract the layer of earth and then we will get the rock or cobblestone. As it is one of the most common minerals in the title, it will not be difficult to get it. After extracting the rock, we will use the kiln, in which we will place the rock (in the first slot) and fuel (in the second slot). After being treated with the kiln we will get the stone.

Once all the materials have been obtained, we can only place them on the work table. Ready friends, we have developed the Redstone in Minecraft.

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