You Have Xbox and Gear VR? You can now use your remotes with glasses Samsung

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Silently Microsoft and Oculus continue to show that they are very good friends, as long there have been actions involving both companies, for example, include an Xbox controller in the kit of the Oculus Rift, collaborations in some games, as well as the support of some experiences of Windows 10 for glasses Oculus.

Today we have a new result of this collaboration, since Microsoft is announcing that in the coming days will release an update to the controls of the Xbox One and Xbox One S are compatible with the sunglasses Gear VR Samsung, so you can use in some games and experiences.

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Minecraft, the first to support the Xbox in Gear VR

Remember that the Gear VR is collaboration with Samsung Oculus, so we see again as Oculus continues to receive news from Redmond, as on this occasion, which involved the Xbox and Minecraft, both owned by Microsoft.

During the month of October, Microsoft will release an update for wireless controllers Xbox can be connected to a Galaxy S7 smartphone, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy S6 edge +, Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge, via Bluetooth while you are using Gear VR glasses.

The first game will be compatible with the controls will ‘Minecraft: Gear VR Edition’ but the company says that over time will add support for more games and (existing and future) experiences, until eventually all within the viewer can operating through the Xbox controller.

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Microsoft and Oculus, a marriage that is just beginning

Little by little we are seeing the relationship between Microsoft and Oculus continues to move forward with innovations that benefit users of both brands, where we mentioned that one of the first carriers to control third – party glasses Oculus Rift reached by Microsoft and its Xbox, but we have also seen the update Anniversary Edition of Windows 10 support was extended to the kit of virtual reality, where for example Minecraft for Windows 10 received an update to be compatible with Oculus.

This new support to the Gear VR shows that the relationship has worked and has apparently been successful both companies, so the rumor that the next console remains ‘Project Scorpio’ will feature native support Oculus Rift, by what a PC does not need to connect the glasses, plus possibly part of the Oculus Store joins the Windows store to access the console and download games in virtual reality. Now we just wait!

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