Hiring a web design expert for high quality conversions

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An online presence is absolutely crucial to organizations of all sizes, now more than ever. From large multinational corporations to small family businesses, everyone is creating a website for their business. Even employers browse the Internet to see the online CVs, websites and social accounts of their candidates. At this rate, it would be almost impossible to stand out from the millions upon millions of websites on the Internet.

Internet users, what a fickle bunch!

It makes sense to market your products online. After all, more people are likely to see it. However, you should realize that attention spans on the internet are extremely short. In 8 seconds, a person on the Internet will have decided whether the page is worth reading. Imagine that! Even the world’s best salesman will complain that 8 seconds are a tad too little to make a sale. So what can you do?

Bounce rate and what it means to your website conversion rates

Bounce rate is the number of visits where someone leaves the landing page without browsing further. It is calculated by averaging the people who left a single webpage versus those who continued browsing to a different page in a certain time period. This means that if 890 people leave without further browsing and 110 browse further to different pages, then your bounce rate is 89% which should make you worried. If this was a page designed to make conversions, then you are losing too many potential customers and something needs to change!


Here’s what you can do:

It’s extremely hard to have a bounce rate of less than 25%. Anything above 50% however should get you worried, especially if it’s the sales page. Here are 3 ways to decrease your website’s bounce rate;

  • Create landing pages that are useful to the visitor

If your landing page is not useful to the visitor, they will bounce the moment the page loads. An example is a banner that says “Download your copy of Natural Weight Loss Diet Now” and when the visitor clicks on it, it directs them to the home page and NOT the download page. The bounce rate for this page is likely to be high.

  • Cut out poor quality traffic sources

You might get a lot of traffic but they aren’t interested in your product. This might be because of misleading keywords which generate low quality but high quantity traffic. Fix this to reduce the bounce rate.

  • Give visitors the urge to browse your website further

Every visitor has a specific goal for visiting a page. And when they achieve or fail to achieve the goal, they normally leave. Giving them something extra e.g. related posts or similar articles will greatly reduce your bounce rate.

This is where an expert comes in

A professional web designer will be of great assistance in this area. First of all, hiring an expert will save you time used to “figure things out” on your own. An expert also has more knowledge of websites’ analytics. Did you know that pages with Ajax or Flash plugins get 100% bounce rate unless you track virtual page views? A web design expert will also create an attractive webpage which stands out and competes with websites from big companies. Subtleties that bear a lot of weight such as text formatting, ad placement and time taken to load the landing page will also be handled well to get you more conversions by a web design expert. Hiring a web design expert might as well be the missing piece to Internet success for your website or blog! For more information: https://www.webcentral.com.au/web-design.

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