Surface Book i7: Microsoft’s laptop is updated with twice the graphics horsepower and 16 hours of battery life

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In this we already know, it is the most powerful laptop that could develop Microsoft last year, this season it is updated with a much more capable hardware. The new model is going to be known as Surface Book i7.

Microsoft introduces him to Skylake of Intel processors – specifically a Core i7, hence the name – and ensures that its graphics power is double that of last year’s model. The screen size remains the same, as resolution 13.5-inch 3000×2000 pixels.

Surface Book i7
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The refresh Windows 10 computer is more inside than outside. Given the design and engineering work done with Surface Book, which played this season was put up on specifications, without touching what was already correct.

There is an internal redesign to add a second fan and a better cooling for better work performance video. Microsoft is not cut in comparison with the competition and says it is three times more powerful than a MacBook Pro 2013.

Updating necessary to remain one of the most powerful and light notebooks on the market. Competition with the new MacBook Pro is served.

The power that is able to develop the graphic is 1.9 teraflops, the level of a mid-range graphics and new generation, as a GTX 1050. We are very curious to know more specifications of this team, especially data on this new graph, you keep you informed when they come to light.

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With respect to the battery, we have to be able to reach the 16 hours of life in portable mode (it is 30% more than last year’s model). Please remember that this is a hybrid Surface Book, the screen can be separated from the computer.

Surface i7 Book goes on sale in November in the United States, at a starting price of $2400. A team for the most demanding, for those looking for a mobile workstation, or for which you also want to take a few games without a desktop.

Comment that the rest of the range is still there, and you can buy a Surface Book for $1500. If what you seek is something more portable in the world of 2 to 1, Microsoft offers the Surface Pro Book from $900.

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