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No doubt of the importance of combining different online techniques to enhance the results of your actions, increase leads and gain more traffic. In this article, I’ll tell you how an unbeatable duo made up of works Email Campaigns and Pinterest. Take note!

Before delving into how the integration of these powers work, I would like to review some key benefits of each. On the one hand, we have the Email Marketing with an undeniable potential when customer loyalty and reach new contacts saving time and money.

On the other hand, Pinterest is presented as a unique way to promote products and therefore increase sales. As if that were not enough, is the social network that grew most in 2015. Interesting, do not you think?

Now, you understand why it is so important to your business unify Email Marketing with Pinterest to capture and multiply the benefits of both. Then I’ll give you some tips so you can make the most of this combination of powers.

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1. Invite your subscribers to Pinterest

Contacts in your database may not know what social networks are and what you can offer them in them, so nothing better than to invite them to follow you. Create an email campaign to tell your subscribers what you social media presence and do not forget to include Pinterest.

It is very important the content of value you can offer them to decide to follow your boards or + Pin your images. If they really care and love, they will follow you and invite your friends to do so. Remember that this is a purely visual social network, so your design team will have to spend a few hours there.

2. Includes the “pin it” button on your spare Email

In this way you facilitate your contacts sharing your campaigns and automatically add them on their boards. Once that happens, you’re one step to achieve viralization brands so desire.

You have new product or service? Encourage your subscribers to promote it on Pinterest and let themselves do the work of spreading your Email thanks to “pin it”.

3. Feed your blog through Pinterest

Adds a new board that includes images that link to your posts. In this way, you will be carrying traffic there in order to convert followers readers and why not in subscribers. If your new readers are interested in the material of your blog, surely want to subscribe to be updated.

For the latter purpose, you must include in your blog one Subscription Form ready to capture the email of any new visit. Place it in a strategic place to not go unnoticed and is a perfect hook.

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4. Promote your most famous images

One reason to spread your Pinterest profile via email, it may be arming a ranking of the most popular images of the month. Select the images that have been most shared and most interesting boards have been and sends the summary to your subscribers.

Curiosity killed the cat say, therefore, this is an excellent way to carry traffic from your emails did your Pinterest account.

5. Make contests on Pinterest

Another excellent reason to carry traffic from your Email Campaigns are to Pinterest contests and sweepstakes. Your contacts will do their best to win prizes!

Design an attractive piece which reports on ways to participate and do not forget to include the prizes.With only this information and incitar√°s your subscribers to visit your profile and learn more about your competition. And you can also do the reverse, use boards to promote your fans are entered in landing and leave your emails to participate.

Already have the knowledge, Use it!

I hope these ideas are useful and you can apply them to your business. My experience in Doppler allows me to say that these actions can really serve and make a difference in the results. Do you know other tactics to integrate Pinterest and Email Marketing? Be sure to share them in the comments section. Until next time!

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