The ten cause and effect must know the seller

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Companies every day more value the skills and competencies that must have a commercial: empathy, assertiveness, communication skills, active listening, and emotional intelligence? It is these much more difficult qualities to find other employees. For this reason, according to recent studies published by public and private entities, one of the most popular places is the sales professional because it is, without doubt, a fundamental part in the development and growth of enterprises, more Moreover, with the current and growing competitiveness in all business sectors.

Know the seller
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Impeccable and according to the product or service image: The seller is the highest representative of the company because it is the last link between the customer and the company. If not, the commercial interview will not occur or will last only a few seconds.

Deep product knowledge: Not knowing or doubt about the main technical characteristics, qualities, warranty period, after – sales service, among other attributes, makes the buyer believe that lacks them.

Effective counsel: Not only have to have knowledge of the product, but also the sector to which it belongs. Today’s consumer is very informed and if it detects ignorance by the seller immediately go to the competition, because the clock, insurance or mobile phone will be similar, but attend professional who will know advice and answer your queries.

Warm and friendly service: If the buyer indicates disinterest, moodiness or any other disaffection in the commercial, as can be the best quality / price, the sale will not occur, or at least the vendor in question.

Knowing convey enthusiasm: Not only for the product or service marketed and the company where he works, but by the position of women, whether in an office, in a shop or in a stand on the subway. If you do not connect with the customer, very hard selling will be done. It is this aspect is very important to apply emotional intelligence.

Act on the objections: A bad past experience, price, a certain design or feature that does not convince, is something that the seller has to face every day, why should anticipate potential objections raised by the buyer. If he is able to give a proper and convincing explanation, the sale is now closed. Conversely if not, the potential customer will think that is right and never buy that product.

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Listening: The customer has much to say, the end of the day is going to buy a good. So you have to listen to their suggestions, the inconvenience is his opinion or other opinions. All these are a valuable source of information that must take into account not only the sales department, but also other areas of the company.

Teaming: The sale of shares is the most important is teamwork. The customer has to be clear that the seller is wrapped by various departments, which are the financial, transportation, technical service, among others. If the buyer detects that there may be difficulties in financing or transportation, attend one where you give better service, even if the product does not have the same quality or features.

Meet needs, not create them: Thanks to Internet consumers it has extensive knowledge on any subject. If you try to convince you to buy something you do not need, he will remember for a long time negatively.

Close the sale is not goodbye is a goodbye: The satisfied customer always comes back. In addition, a loyal customer is the best ambassador of a brand and sales is a multiplier because it will create, coveted by businesses, word of mouth effect speaking favorably of the company, and even sometimes the seller.

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