5 Tips For Beginners Social Networking

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Nobody is born knowing and all were beginners and social networks. But when I started, they were born and proper training was not available. No one knew how they worked.

Currently more mature, we discover that the Internet and social networks have foundations. See these essential tips, which are the starting point for you to use social networks in a correct way.

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1. Make sure you know whom you want to conquer

The first key point is to understand how to attract customers with social networks:

  • Who is your customer?
  • Who you are creating and sharing content on social networks?
  • What are the goals, problems and objections purchase this person?

From the moment which who that person, share content really interesting to your audience is much easier. The right way to start this process is through the creation of a person buyer, also known as the person buying. This is the basis for raising the main features, the background, understand this ideal client and create content that meets their needs.

2. Create high quality content

The second step is to publish content that meets the goals, objectives and objections of the individual buyer. This content is made low extent, planning, structured and shared with social networking techniques that we will see later in this post. So you have the right content and know how to sell through the social networks.

3. Educate your customers

It is essential that the aim of your content shared on social networks is a priority to educate. You want to entertain, inspire and help your client or potential client, but the primary goal is to attract to your brand with the ultimate goal to sell and keep their loyalty.

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4. Help your audience

Help your client or your potential customer is the basis of content marketing, the Internet and social networks. From the moment the aid, convince your audience to continue reading your content, there to something there for them.

Every experience matters and if you have a priority to help your client, therefore your cup opening, clicks and your return on investment will be according to your expectations. It means continuing to help your client with content and work towards more of your audience response.

5. Rule 80-20

Even with the educational intent, you can and should bring maximum return on social networks for your business.

The 80-20 rule is a prerequisite for your content on the Internet and social networks. This directs that 80% of your content should be more focused on education, entertainment, and 20% in the product or service they want to sell. This way your audience will want to interact with your brand and consequently the sale will be easier. Remember the types of content that people share and study how companies do content marketing practice.

After all, even with educational intent, if your content was created with content planning for customer life cycle, you are towards your products and services and education no longer a sale.

We could say that is 100% of the sale and not 20%, but it is important to remember that most of your content should be more focused on the needs of your client and not the company.

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