5 Ways in which social networks have changed the business world

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If we make a panoramic world of social media, we realize that the longest platform is less than 15 years. This means that social networks despite its current popularity are still taking their first steps in the digital world.

However, in a very short time, they have become a real marketing tool for any business worth its salt. Moreover, in the connected world in which we live, if a brand is not in the social media, it has every chance to fizzle the market overnight.

Each company follows its own social strategy but what is clear is that all are present in the most popular platforms where connect directly with consumers is a growth opportunity that no business can afford to miss.

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Therefore, we analyze, 5 Ways in which social networks have influenced the business of the companies and what have been their effects.

1. Hyper target Advertising

Before the advent of social platforms, brands could make use of banners and other advertising formats inserts websites that could turn your target.

However, the networks have achieved a unique way to get the brand message and female marketers direct and personalized strategies to a very specific niche market, thereby increasing the effectiveness of communications.

2. Organic Marketing

Although digital advertising leads among us a long time, banners, PPC ads or sponsored content are conceived as irruptive and annoying formats.

Social platforms have opened the door to organic marketing like never before.

Now brands can initiate conversations with their customers to increase engagement through valuable content without having to damage the user experience.

Moreover, all this with a transparency never seen that tests the resilience of brands, both for good and for bad.

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3. Fear of sabotage

In relation to the previous point, the enormous exposure posed by social networking has encouraged many brands to show No gimmicks.

However, the spread of social media has also spooked many others to the possibility that their mistakes are magnified so that ends badly damaging his reputation.

4. Customer service in real time

Is one of the services most valued by consumers and which companies put more effort is that, a happy customer always comes back.

But these departments require numerous resources that many companies could not face before social media.

But the digital world has opened doors to small businesses who can now deliver a better experience to their customers without investing large amounts of money.

5. Flexibility in spreading the contents

Are in the era of content and partly we owe to social networks that have facilitated the publication of any information with just one click.

Thus, companies can offer content directly to your target directly, when they want giving rise to the popularity of strategies such as branded content.

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