6 Reasons People Love Live Chat Services

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Browsing the web, you’ve likely encountered a notification window that rises up from the bottom of your screen with a greeting like, “Hi, I’m John, if you have a question I’m here to help.” Welcome to live chat, the latest tool in lead generation for car dealerships. It’s an effective new gadget that’s cropping up so quickly across the web because both customers and sales teams love it for many different reasons.

  1. Customers like to have their questions answered when they need an answer, not tomorrow. Customers have learned their lesson and they no longer expect to get timely answers out of email, whether you can offer it or not. They are also frustrated with limited phone hours, so they often turn to outlets like social media to ask questions. Using a live chat window staffed by contact center operators 24/7 helps you turn that conversation into a lead.
  1. Customers don’t like to wait, they want to shop and browse on their own time, anytime. Especially since many dealerships operate on hours that may make it unfeasible to step on the lot without leaving work early, most people today do their research online (often at work – the busiest time recorded by live chat service Gubagoo is 3 p.m.). A round-the-clock, 24/7 chat service turns your dealership into a business that never sleeps, always answering the phone and questions online.
  1. Salespeople want to be able to monitor conversations when they have the time and, if they see an opportunity, take over. If they notice a prospect who seems like they are ready to buy, they can expedite the process by talking about price and other factors operators lack the authority to discuss. Operators use relevant content to answer questions in order to capture email and phone information, more information about the prospect’s purchase preferences, and book test drives. Through mobiles apps like Gubagoo’s RESQ, a salesperson with the dealership can take over a conversation with an eager prospect and move the conversation beyond a lead capture and toward a sale.
  1. Better services provide mobile apps and integration with Google Analytics so you can track and optimize performance. Google Analytics gives you insight into how well your website is doing at generating traffic and turning them into leads, but internal tracking systems shine the light on individual use and success with this new tool. Find out who on your team is booking appointments and using valuable information to close more deals.
  1. It works on every platform, a must-have feature in an age when mobile use is skyrocketing, especially for researching purchases. No live chat service is worthwhile without a seamless user experience that makes it easy to use from a mobile device. More than ever, people are turning to their phones to browse the web, with mobile use posting an increased share of web traffic for everything from media consumption to researching cars.
  1. Knowledge is power, and visitor tracking and behavioral ranking puts information on your web visitors in your hands. Better online car dealer chat services implement behavioral intelligence systems that track a web visitor’s click path through your site, giving operators (and your salespeople) critical information on the visitor. You learn which models they are considering, what kinds of incentives they respond to (finances, trade-ins, parts and service, or leasing), and the price range they are working in. Operators don’t just capture email addresses, they can capture your BANT details (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline), and your sales staff all have access to that information. When it comes time for a prospect to take a test drive, lead qualification puts your salesperson in the driver’s seat.

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