How Email Marketing Drives Customers to Your Website

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Email may seem like low-tech these days, but it is still one of the most effective ways to market online. Email marketing campaigns give a higher return on investment that other kinds of online or regular mail marketing, and the main reason for this is because you are targeting people who are already interested in what you have to offer. However, email marketing is not simply sending out hundreds of emails. There are best practices for email marketing that include branding and regulatory compliance. Your best option for having a successful email marketing campaign is to employ professionals. Email marketing campaign services offer complete solutions from the best way to get lists to being whitelisted and finally to customer conversions.

Five Advantages of Email Marketing

• Sending marketing emails to a targeted audience means, the people on your list have signed up to receive your emails. They may be looking for a newsletter that gives them particular information each week or for discounts on what you sell. You may offer something free to each person who signs up or advanced notice of oncoming sales. Potential customers also need to see that you are not going to send them junk mail or sell their address to someone else. Your customers are your first candidates for email marketing, but their addresses need to be treated specially, after all, they are already committed to purchasing from you.

• Email marketing increases brand awareness. It exposes your brand to potential customers. This needs to be done with strategic planning, targeted content and smart design. Brand awareness means your customers and potential customers remember you.

• When one customer is happy, there is a good chance he or she will share this happiness with their friends or mention it on social media. This is a huge benefit for you because every time the forward button is clicked, you get more exposure and credibility.

• Email marketing is easy to measure. A professional email marking service will do this for you. You will know delivery rates, subscriber retention rates, open rates and click-to-deliver rates. This gives insight about your customer’s behavior. When you know how your customers or potential customers react to your email marketing, you can modify it or upgrade it to increase open rates.

• Email marketing gives a high return on investment because when it is done right, you get a huge response and all you did was send a few emails. True, these emails took time and attention to get them just right, but the cost is still much lower than other kinds of advertising campaigns such as TV or newspaper. The Direct Marketing Association says that for every one dollar spent on email marketing, $40 is earned.

A professional email marketing service will set up a custom campaign for you. You will get personalized service, knowledge of best practices to garner effective lists, professional designs to attract opens, and tracking so you will get valuable analytical data.

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