How to share a post on facebook when no share button?

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Sharing posts on Facebook is very simple, but sometimes the creators put it in private mode, even ourselves, so the task of sharing a said post is complicated.

This limitation depends exclusively on the level of privacy that has been configured. Therefore, in order to continue, it is necessary to access the account settings and make certain adjustments. Then follow the steps to achieve it.

How to share a post on Facebook when no share button?

how to share a post on facebook when no share button

Facebook highly values ​​privacy and therefore updates frequently. If you have activated the function that only your friends can see what you publish, you will not be able to share the information. In this case, consider the following steps:

  1. Select the post you want to share. At the top of it, in the section where the three dots are located, click here to access the settings.
  2. Next, a menu of options is displayed and you must click on the Edit privacy option.
  3. In the next step, Public should be placed and the changes saved. In this way, all their contacts and friends can see the publication and even share it on their profile or wall.
  4. This configuration can be done on specific content, for example, if a puppy or a recipe has been lost. If you want only your friends to see what you post, in the general privacy settings, select the corresponding option.

Through a link

If you see a friend’s content on your wall that you can’t post, you can access other available options. First of all, you can tell him that you want to share a certain publication so that he unblocks it or you can access the settings and copy the link of it.

Then, with this link, you go to your profile and in the section to make a publication, you paste it and that’s it, you can share the information with your friends. Once the publication is made, determine if it is of great importance to make it public or leave it only among friends.

In short, knowing how to share a post on Facebook without a share button is an advantage when conveying important information. The ideal is to know the appropriate options and use them in exceptional cases while keeping personal data protected.

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