Simple and Affordable GPS Fleet Tracking Server from GPSWOX

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There was a time when business managers had to hire supervisors for their drivers who would sit in the vehicle and travel with them everywhere. The cost was quite high as the business didn’t just have to pay the driver, but also the supervisor whose only job was to monitor the driver and ensure they were going straight to the destination without detours and were driving properly. However, technological development has replaced this ancient form of vehicle tracking with GPS tracking. Yes, indeed. GPS technology can now be used to track the movements of a vehicle remotely and there is no need to hire another person to simply sit in the vehicle.

There are a number of GPS fleet tracking software programs that have emerged to assist businesses operating a fleet of vehicles. Even though there are numerous options, none is as simple and affordable as GPSWOX. It is a simple fact that this is one of the best GPS tracking solutions a business can find when they are looking for a quality and cost-effective option. This system has managed to gain worldwide popularity in a very short period and time and there are a number of reasons why this is so.

First and foremost, you cannot find a more user-friendly and simple GPS fleet tracking software than GPSWOX. Not only does it have everything a business could possibly want for its tracking needs, it offers you a simple set up. You can sign up for it and create an account with your email address and you are on your way to using GPSWOX. You can add as many vehicles as you want for tracking purposes. The procedure is quite simple and you can operate the program on the browser or GPSWOX’s app can also be downloaded on your phone, whether it is iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Business managers can take advantage of geofencing offered by GPSWOX through which they can add specific locations. Every time a vehicle enters or exits this area, they will be instantly notified. This can be helpful for businesses in knowing how much time is taken for a certain tasks and this data can improve efficiency. Notifications are delivered through a pop-up window as well as email so they can also be checked at a later date. Affordability is another reason why GPSWPX is the top choice of a lot of businesses nowadays.

Not every business can afford to spend substantial sums for vehicle tracking purposes. Therefore, GPSWOX has offered several versions of its software. There are free options and also advanced ones that offer a horde of features. The right package can be selected according to the needs of the business and its budget. GPSWOX can also come in handy for reducing the costs for a business as employees can be monitored while driving to ensure they are being careful and not wasting excessive fuel. Thus, with this GPS fleet tracking system, a business can give its profit a hefty boost in the long run.

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