What do you need to know about landing pages?

Your website probably has a homepage, a contact page and an about page – but does it have a landing page?

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Here is everything that you need to know about landing pages and how they can improve your marketing campaign.

How is a landing page different to a home page?

The homepage on your website is the first page that customers see when they click on your website through a Google search, whereas a landing page is the first page that users see when they click on your marketing campaign. For instance, you may have a campaign that is encouraging users to buy your plus size jeans, so the landing page could be the first page of jeans on your website.

Is a landing page important?

If you are running a marketing campaign, a landing page is very important. Lots of companies send all their traffic to the homepage instead of setting up a landing page, which can result in a lack of sales or engagement. This is because the user clicked on the campaign to find out more about one specific thing, such as plus size jeans. They can’t buy the jeans directly from the homepage, so they may lose interest and go elsewhere.

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If you set up a landing page for your marketing campaign, it is likely that you will see an increase in the volume of traffic, the number of sales and in engagement.

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Tips for your landing page

If you want your landing page to be effective, you should make sure the page loads quickly. According to Forbes, users want a quick and easy browsing experience. If the page loads slowly, they may become frustrated and leave.

It can also be useful to limit navigation away from the page, as the clickable links may confuse people and lead them away from the landing page. This means they are less likely to sign up or make a purchase.

The final thing you need to do is have a clear call to action, as this will make it even easier for users to understand what you want them to do while they are on your website.

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