The 5 key elements of an excellent website

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A website is an essential marketing tool that can help you attract and retain customers. Whether you are launching your first website or optimising your existing one, here are the essential elements that need to be in place.

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Website security

Businesses need to be aware of the risks posed by cybercrime. They also need to be aware of the vulnerabilities that can be inherent in their website. When designing or revamping a website, it’s important to build in measures that protect your business and also your customers’ data.

Professional content

It’s easy to skimp on content. However, with so much ‘stuff’ out there competing for attention online, it’s crucial that your content is professional, high quality and engaging. You want to stand head and shoulders above your competition, and great content is one effective way to do that.


It’s no good having a website filled with interesting content if no one can find it! SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a technique that ensures potential customers searching Google or Bing see the most relevant websites near the top of the list of results. At its simplest, SEO can be as easy as ensuring you incorporate terms into your content that people are likely to search for, such as ‘best Cuban restaurant in Hackney’.

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Calls to action

You don’t want visitors to just read your content and leave. You want them to take action. Calls to action (or CTAs) are simply buttons, links and text that ask visitors to do something. This might be purchase a product, sign up for an email newsletter, or share one of your blog posts on social media. CTAs should be visible but not intrusive.

User-friendly design

You need to make it easy for visitors to view your site. Nowadays, this increasingly means optimising your site so that it offers full functionality on tablets and mobile devices. However, it also means not cluttering your site with too many widgets, and selecting text and background colours that are easy to read. A simple way to boost usability is to employ the professionals, such as Drupal design agency,, to develop your site.

Designing a professional site that appeals to potential customers takes time and resources. However, by incorporating these elements, you will be well on your way to having a website that works.

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