Girls frontline 2: How to play?

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Girls frontline 2 is a multiplayer online FPS game designed by “ZigZag” from China. It’s a sequel to a popular girls frontline, in which you need to choose one heroine in 5 roles and join a team battle in two opposite camps. Like its predecessor, this game has five heroines for choosing: ace, sniper, leader, gunner and medic.

Girls frontline 2 Tips: how to play?

girls frontline 2

There’re five major roles in girls frontline: ace (a fighter who can use both melee and ranged attacks), sniper (long-distance attacker), leader (controls the whole team; control rate increases with her command points which is related with the level of your leader), gunner (ranged attacker) and medic (can give health for teammates). In order to play the game well, you need to know how different roles can cooperate with each other. Read on girls frontline 2 tips below to learn more.

Since there’re many characters in a battle, so it’s inevitable that a character dies in a mission. In order to protect your teammates, you should send the leader to the front line and let her control them or give them commands when necessary. Then, send out gunners and snipers together so that they can cover for each other when attacking enemies. The last role is ace. She’s responsible for protecting the team from unexpected damages from enemies.

When a girl is killed, you can revive her by sending out a medic. But she won’t respawn if the reviving time runs out and the whole team will be wiped out. You should use offensive skills to kill as many zombies as possible so that your teammates have enough time to regenerate health and eliminate all zombies at last.

Last but not least, you should place sentries at different positions. It’s better to build them near the leader so that they can make full use of firepower and defense speed bonuses which are given by the leader’s command points. Also, it’s better to raise your level as high as possible since each new level adds one point to your command points which will be beneficial for your whole team.

About girls frontline 2 gold: how to get?

Girls frontline 2 has many in-game products such as diamonds, bullets and important equipment (weapons etc.). How to earn gold in girls frontline 2? You can open card packs or sell weapons to earn gold. To buy the desired equipment, you need to save enough gold first.

About girls frontline 2 diamonds: how to get?

Diamonds are the only currency in the shop of the game and they can be earned by completing quests or inviting friends to play together. You can also buy diamonds from online stores if you have enough money. Use your diamonds on a lot of stuff which can help you upgrade your character faster.

About girls frontline 2 hack: how to use?

Girls frontline 2 hack is the easiest way to get free diamonds, gold and bullets. You can use it on both Android or iOS devices. It’s very easy to operate and it only requires a few minutes for girls frontline 2 cheats to generate a lot of resources. You can then enjoy the game with all characters and weapons upgraded.

About girls frontline 2 mod: how to use?

Girls frontline 2 mod apk is designed for players who don’t want to spend a lot of time earning gold, diamonds and bullets in the game. It allows you to upgrade your character to the highest level within a few minutes. You can download it on both Android or iOS devices if you want to enjoy the game with your friends at the same time.

The girls frontline 2 is a shooting game set in a post-apocalyptic world. You should cooperate with other teammates to have a better gameplay experience.

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