Alex Rider season 2 When does it premiere?

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Taken from the books, the Alex Rider series hits streaming platforms to especially dazzle teenage audiences. Without a doubt, this series was not long after it was released. It has already touched the hearts of the fans. Since the story tells an endless number of adventures which have left the public impressed. So much so that now we wonder when does Alex Rider season 2 premiere?

To answer this and other questions that you may have in mind. We have made this post especially about Alex Rider season 2, release date, where to see it, etc. Keep reading: Kamisama Hajimemashita season 3 release date and characters

When does Alex Rider season 2 premiere?

Alex Rider season 2

The same protagonist of the series recently commented through his social networks that the Alex Rider series will have the renewal of a 2 season. And although this information has not yet been confirmed on any of the platforms, actor Otto Farrant ensures that there will be a renewal of Alex Rider.

Despite this, we still do not have an official release date. Therefore, we will be aware of all the details about the future of the Alex Rider season 2 series. In order not to miss any information, remember to visit us constantly. If you have not seen the series yet, enter the Amazon Prime Video platform right now.

What do we hope to see in Alex Rider season 2?

In this first season, we got a glimpse of Alex’s origin and motivation to become the best spy. Upon completing its mission and discovering the mysterious murderer, the series shows us everything that was behind all that mystery.

The murderer was a Russian, who in the saga is Alex’s main villain, so he could give Alex many more problems in the following seasons. The story remains very open to giving more prominence to the SCORPIO organization, full of corruption, sabotage, assassinations, etc.

But we cannot confirm this until we see the trailer for a second season. It is still too early to get theories about the future of this series that is just beginning. But like any movie lover, we can come up with our own theories.

What the Alex Rider series is about?

The series is about a young orphaned teenager who becomes a super spy played by Otto Farrant as “Alex Rider.” Who will be an undercover agent who is determined to save the world? The plot of the first season begins when Alex’s uncle dies under very suspicious circumstances. Which later, the life of the teenager Alex Rider will totally change.

Once, the M16 recruits him in the Department of Special Operations to help in a top-secret mission. After a training process being a little older, he is sent to infiltrate the Point Blanc Academy.

Over time, Alex will have established a relationship with his classmates. But it doesn’t take long for her to instinctively realize that something is terribly wrong. So the adventure as a spy will start in the best way at the institute’s facilities.

Where can we see the Alex Rider series?

The first and only season (For now) of Alex Rider recently premiered on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video. The epic teen spy series, based on the literary saga of Anthony Horowitz, has 8 episodes.

Alex Rider is a production that contains perfect doses of intrigue, action, a combination of genres, visual effects and the perfect soundtrack to immerse you in the story. In addition, we must add the talented cast that has surprised us all.

Cast of the series Alex Rider

The success of the Alex Rider series is measured in large part by the cast that makes it up. It is true that there are many new faces, but we are increasingly surprised by the new young actors. Here are the names of the main actors and the characters they play.

  • Otto Farrant as: Alex Rider
  • Stephen Dillane as: Alan Blunt
  • Vicky McClure as: Mrs Jones
  • Andrew Buchan as: Lan Rider
  • Brenock O’Connor as: Tom Harris

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