Avast mail shield blocks email: Why it occurs and how to fix?

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The email shield is an avast product that blocks emails. The way it works is to scan the content of all incoming messages and block those that are considered unsafe for your system or business. In addition, it can be set up to detect specific words, phrases or attachments that could potentially harm your computer or company data.

Why does the avast mail shield blocks email?

Avast mail shield blocks email

The email shield has three modes: full protection, advance protection and basic protection. Fully protect against viruses, worms, trojans and other malware by scanning 100% of the mail traffic in real-time with no false positives being generated during this process. The advance mode scans 99% of the mail traffic at a very high speed but does generate some false positives, which will be automatically detected, so they don’t interfere with your workflow too much. Finally, the basic mode blocks all links and downloads in the email messages. Keep reading: How to spam someones email?

How to fix my avast mail shield fault?

If your computer is heavily infected with viruses or using an outbound firewall, it may be blocking the activity of the SMTP server connection for some reason, even though you use port 25. To fix the problem, you need to open port 25 with your firewall and then change the Avast mail shield’s connection settings to use a different SMTP server.

Once you make those changes, you only need to restart the email shield or restart your windows computer completely. You can now send and receive emails without any problems anymore. If you are having difficulties resetting the avast mail shield, you should use the avast! Rescue Disk because it does not have any conflicts with your antivirus software.

The email shield is one of the most reliable features of this antimalware product. However, it can sometimes block emails containing valid content or even genuine attachments even if a trusted source sends them. This is why it is always important to check these messages before you block them yourself if avast mail shield blocks email for you.

The avast product has proven to be one of the most reliable antivirus software products in recent years. It offers users real-time protection and because they are constantly updating and improving their security features. Therefore, using this software is a wise choice to protect your computer from malware from more than one angle.

Does Avast block Gmail?

If avast blocks google and Gmail and you cannot download files, you need to change your settings:

1. Open the Settings menu (cogwheel). You can find this menu in the top right corner of the main window

2. Click on Scanner within the left side panel of the window that opens up

3. Ensure that the Exclude the following processes option is ticked

4. Click on Excluded processes and select Avast Antivirus Helper from the list

5. Click OK to save the changes, restart your computer and now you should be able to access Gmail without any issues

If avast blocks Gmail or google, either one of these mail services or Gmail does not allow downloading attachments sent through their servers.

There is an ongoing battle against email spam and malware, which has seen many changes in how various companies such as Gmail or Yahoo handle these security issues over the past few years. Most of them had implemented some attachment blocking methods because there was a time when spammers and malware writers were using these email services to send their dangerous payloads.

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