How Does Google Family Link Work?

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If you have recently visited a vodafone store near me such as  King Communications Vodafone stores and bought your teenager a mobile phone you might be wondering how you can manage their use of it. This is where apps like Google Family Link can help.

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Managing a child’s digital life will be difficult because the on-line world continues to grow at a quick pace. The new Google Family Link, designed for underneath 13s, will be an excellent tool to assist youngsters navigate the digital world safety and build safer on-line habits.

Family Link is a free app that works with android and iOS devices to allow parents of teenagers with access to devices such as mobile phones to stay track of their children’s digital activity. It also works on tablets.

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Once the app is ready on each of the parent and child’s devices, it permits the parents to remotely approve and block apps on the child’s device, manage screen time and remotely lock the device once it’s time to play, study or sleep. This means that the parent can set boundaries around the use of the mobile phone and manage this in an effective way.

It is definitely worth taking a look at to see whether it would give you the assurances that you are looking for to be able to confidently allow your teenager to use a mobile phone.

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