How the mobile apps of retailers are succeeding?

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The mobile phone has become the quintessential shopping assistant consumer, and it is this device which used to investigate the products, compare prices, read reviews about the items or find out what items are available at the nearest store. In addition, it is increasingly common to complete their purchases within the smartphone itself.

With this scenario, the retailers who want to succeed are forced to offer a good mobile experience, and for that, many choose to make available to the user an app, something that certainly is a good idea, but it must be done well. And there are many data to support that it is useless to promote that has an application if after this does not meet the needs and desires of customers.

Mobile apps of retailers
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Some retailers also are checking firsthand: have an app does not guarantee an increase in mobile sales and many wonder if it really worth investing in creating this tool. Keep in mind that most casual buyers are not going to download the app, and you prefer to enter and buy via mobile web. But we must not forget that those most loyal buyers – who are also spending more – yes reward the existence of the app with greater fidelity. But consumers will not bother to download an app, which also takes up space on your mobile; if not offer they added value.

But how are the apps that really help to create a more comfortable experience for its customers rich purchase? To find out, in they have taken a look at some of the apps most popular retailers, and this is what they have in common:

They make the experience fast and easy purchase

What buyers want, online or in person, on the computer or mobile, it is comfort. At the time when making the purchase becomes complicated, the chances are that unless great interest, the customer chooses to leave.

So the app should focus all their attention on providing a good shopping experience that is fast and easy, and allows the consumer, in a few steps, review the inventory and gain the desired product. Companies should investigate thoroughly the buying patterns of mobile consumers to simplify processes, eliminate distractions and create a more guided experience, involving a clear advantage over the mobile web, for example.

They are integrated into the multi-channel experience

The current buyer is Omnichannel, and therefore any app, to match consumer expectations, should also be integrated with other channels, in order to improve the shopping experience.

In this way, the app can afford to book and pay a product, for example, to Store Pickup no waiting. Or leave a cart saved for later retrieve it from another device. The app should not function as a separate entity, but as a tool, in collaboration with the rest, simplify and improve the process.

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They offer incentives and exclusive rewards

One of the keys to success of any app is to make the consumer feel like a VIP. If through the app it offers consumers discount coupons, special offers or rewards loyalty program, you will have a compelling reason to interact not only through the app, but to use it more frequently. It thus provides a differential advantage over via mobile web experience.

Take advantage of push notifications

One of the most interesting possibilities of mobile apps is its ability to send push notifications to customers at the right time. Obviously, abuse notifications is counterproductive and will only satiate the consumer, but if used properly, with personalized information and really relevant to the consumer, will help to increase their engagement.

They use phone features to enhance the experience

Some of the apps that are better working retailers stand to have found new ways to use phone features to provide better and differentiated experience. Examples range from using the phone’s camera as support for visual searches to the use of beacons in store notices personalized offers.

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