Why quality video content matters for company marketing

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It’s hard to believe, but YouTube has almost two billion users per month. And with so many other sites (including Facebook and Twitter) optimising their websites for video upload purposes, it’s clear that video content is something which is a major priority for many online businesses. And from the point of view of company marketing, its benefits are once again clear: video can provide a crucial explanatory function for companies with complicated products or services to explain, for example, while it can also attract new potential consumers into the company orbit. This article will explain why high-quality video is so essential – and how to achieve it.

An air of professionalism

Issuing a video in the name of your business is an act which transmits a sense of professionalism around your brand. If you are perceived as being capable of producing a good video, you’re likely to be perceived as capable enough to produce good quality products and services, and hence gain more customers. Video content is very shareable – especially when compared to more plain post modes, such as images or plain text. So by sharing an increased number of videos, it’s likely that you’ll be able to accrue higher reach and engagement figures – which will in turn increase your legitimacy and attract more people to your brand. Corporate video production can be done professionally but taking that route is expensive, however, it’s possible to craft professional quality videos yourself using internet-based tools designed for the purpose.

Explaining concepts

Many businesses offer products which are, to some degree, complicated or hard to understand. Take the example of a software provider: they know that their software will be beneficial to a user, but unless they communicate the fact clearly and unambiguously the user won’t necessarily understand the potential benefits. As a result, it’s well worth investing some time and resources in the creation of explainer videos which simplify the concept behind your product or service and make it clear just how the product will benefit the end user.

Visual appeal

There’s no point over complicating the appeal of video. In some ways, the appeal of quality video content is simple and easy to understand: it’s attractive and appealing to produce video content which is fast-moving and high-definition, and that’s not likely to change. If still images can attract users at a certain pace, videos – which are in essence a series of images – can do that to an even greater degree. So, by dressing up your product or service in a moving, engaging video format, you may well capture potential consumers’ attention – and get some new business in the process.

Video and the YouTube generation are relatively new concepts in the world of digital marketing – but they’re ones that everybody in this space need to be thinking about in order to make the most of what it has to offer. From the power it has to adequately define and explain complex concepts to the way in which it can create visually appealing content which promotes your products and services, there are many ways in which video content is a must for a company keen to enhance its online reputation.

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