Top Signs Your Digital Marketing is Failing

As much as being able to create and implement a successful digital marketing or advertising campaign is important, as is having the awareness to realize that a campaign or strategy is failing. If you have something that’s not working and you keep pouring money into it without results, it can

Google has faced two artificial intelligence systems, will they fight or work together!


Google has for some years been with DeepMind, its advanced artificial intelligence system, which has already given important samples of its capabilities by repeatedly winning Go teachers. Similarly, DeepMind continues to grow by nurturing new experiences such as the ability to manipulate physical objects, and even play StarCraft II. Google

Should Personal Computers Be Allowed in College Classrooms?

Since the dawn of the computer age, it seems there’s literally nothing one can’t bring a computer to. Movie theaters are probably one of the rare exceptions to this rule, but people bring their gadgets everywhere these days, that can’t be denied. However, recently they’ve been popping up in classrooms

How to Choose the Right Laptop for College

In this tech age of ours, you’ll definitely need a computer for college. For students, laptops are the way to go. Desktops have more fire power, generally, but they also make it impossible for you to do any work outside of your dorm room. Why deny yourself the pleasure of

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laptop for College

If you don’t already have a laptop for college, you’re probably going to need one. Desktops have more capacity, generally, but they’re also immobile. Why deny yourself the pleasure of doing your homework outside when it’s nice? Also, if you don’t get along with your roommate for a week, you’ll