15 Tips for Web Design

It is almost certain that once we have faced design a website. Our profession cannot have anything to do with graphic design, but the downside of facing a blank page with creation itself is, at least, unavoidable for any of those who get involved in the Network. How do we make our or our site, it is attractive, seller, fast down, attractive, and more attractive? Well, basically, everything is test, test, and test: wrong, be curious and take advantage of the network to see examples of good web designs and seek to follow these examples is the best thing you can do. There is a problem, that requires time and our pages should be completed tomorrow! Continue reading “15 Tips for Web Design”

11 Tips for a successful online marketing

Online you can define, guide and reach exactly the customers right. The Internet should be similar to multiple media but usually does not. This represents a great opportunity for creative designers to make a name for you and earn money.

Current state of online websites

Now, it is true, Of course, there are brilliant designs web pages out there. Innovative and fun sites that really have their place.

The question is: Do they sell? It is the cutting-edge designs which help money makers? Continue reading “11 Tips for a successful online marketing”

Companies are aware that they must improve digital marketing experience

One of the common complaints of consumers is that the ads are downright bad. In general, consumers do not like throwing messages brands and are not interested in the formats used to connect with them. Their complaints are almost always focusing on brands that are very heavy, their spam messages too and employ over and over again the same tricks. Consumers are fed up with strategies provided are especially upset with what brands are doing on the Internet, where annoying practices seem to have multiplied a thousand (at least from the consumer perspective). The surfer bother advertisements chase through the network, which are deployable and annoying, which are hidden in the middle of the text of the news or those that are virtually impossible to close.

Consumers are pretty fed up with advertising and actions that brands continue to connect with them is no secret, but the fact is that brands also seem to be increasingly aware of this state of things. On the one hand, consumers are increasingly active in expressing their lamentations and also make more and higher. On the other hand, and as evidenced in a recent interview, Ignacio Linares, CEO of Paytime app, tools that stop ads and become a kind of border between brands and consumers are also increasingly recurrent (there are the adblockers and its rate of use more and higher). And it is that “users ‘Adblockers’ grow rapidly because the advertising model is incompatible with the digital world” Continue reading “Companies are aware that they must improve digital marketing experience”

Website Designing is What Companies Present and Polish

Digital Marketing! One of the very prominent terms in marketing industry. Digital marketing is a process of marketing or promotion of products or services through the use of internet devices like web browser etc. It is again of two types, viz. pull digital marketing and push digital marketing. Pull digital marketing is the process in which client or consumer give permission to marketing agencies to send messages through web feeds, emails, text messages etc. while push digital marketing is the process in which message is sent to the clients or recipient without his permission through mails, web feeds, text messages etc.

Now the question arises that, what web designing is. Web designing is one of the parts of digital marketing. Web designing is the process of designing of websites for the client in order to promote client’s business through keyword mapping to search engines. There are plethora amount of companies offering such services. One of them is law creative web design Hertfordshire, which is very renowned in this field. Apart from this, there are myriad numbers of companies offering such services.

Website designing is one of the very important features of promotion. Until and unless website is designed properly any company cannot promote any product or service of any client prevailing in this industry. Website designing doesn’t mean only designing of banners or anything. It also means designing of content. By content designing we mean, that content should be appropriate and précises. It should be to the point and should reflect the whole business in one line. After all, promotion is completely dependent on keywords mapping and keywords are taken from content written. Thus, it is very important to write correct and appropriate content.

It is very important for the companies to follow the following point if they are into promotion of their clients:

  • Web designing should be creative and unlike traditional design.
  • Company should have a balanced approach to website designing and digital marketing
  • Companies should be flexible in terms of projects taken and should work as per the requirement of clients.
  • Company should be an integrated marketing agency.
  • Company should mainly focus on return on investment of clients.

Apart from all this, companies should be approachable and easy to work with as mentioned above that, they should be flexible in nature. Following things should be kept in mind while preparing a website:

  • Content used should be relevant in nature and should be keyword friendly.
  • Budget for creating a website should be as per client’s requirement.
  • Clients should be informed about their digital projects.

Therefore, what else you want to know about website designing? Website designing is the main course of your dish and give you a tasty meal in the form of promotion and amazing designs. It is a creative approach towards promotion and helps you in establishing name, fame and brand image of your business. So, tie up your laces and jump in the world of website designing.

Top 5 Specifics of a Quality Web Design

Nowadays, you cannot possibly succeed on the web without a professional web design. So, what are the most important aspects to consider while designing your website? In this write-up we shall briefly take a look at 5 Specifics of a Quality Web Design.

5 Specifics of a Quality Web Design

*Minimal Loading Time

Studies show that an average internet user can only spend up to four seconds in deciding whether your website is worth his time or not. This is the small window of time that you should focus on while designing a quality website. Well, this does not necessarily mean that all your website details should load within four seconds, No. The thumb rule here is to focus on capturing your visitor’s interest within the first few seconds. Even if the rest of the website takes a long time to load, you must always ensure that your homepage loads within the least time possible. This way you’ll be able to grab your viewer’s interest and keep him waiting for the rest of the web page to load.

*Well laid out

Your site should be arranged in such a way that it drives the viewer towards your content. To avoid your site appearing messed up, use common fonts that are available on all computers. Some of the best fonts to try include: Arial, Helvetica, Geneva and Verdana. Viewers love something that appears simple and easy to understand.

*Clean HTML

The web is an ever evolving creature. It is important that you design a website that is capable of growing. Clean HTML not only enables you to do this, but also saves your money and time. HTML has been around for quite some time now and along its path of growth it has acquired several side-kicks. Don’t let your webpage lag behind by not using clean HTML.

*Clear and easy to navigate

Your website navigation features should always be easily accessible, consistent and neat. At the same time, the navigation tools should be flexible enough to accommodate additional links. Build your site based on your audience’s preferences and expectations. Also, remember that people don’t love visiting passive websites. Provide a ‘comments’ section at the bottom of your website to get them involved in various discussions on your site.


Depending on the number of colors that you wish to use on your website, there are two different formats of graphics to go for- .GIF and. JPG. If you want to use a wide variety of colors, you should go for the .JPG format. On the other hand if you intend to design a simple website the .GIF format would be the best choice for you. Whatever you choose, always make sure that the size of your files does not in any way affect your site’s loading speed.

In summary, the 5 Specifics of a Quality Web Design discussed above are the most useful to consider while designing your website. If you take them into account, then you’ll not need to worry about keeping viewers on your site for more than the usual 4 seconds. Clue Design can help you build a great looking site that takes all of these factors into consideration, making your site a performance machine that will please both users and search engines.

10 Tools to Help Design a Great Website

If you have a business, having a website is paramount to your success. Customers and clients expect to be able to go online and find out information about your business, and if you don’t have one, consumers will often go elsewhere. Building your own site does not have to be a daunting task as there are many tools available to help you build a great website.


A platform is the foundation for your website. Depending on how much you want to spend and how web savvy you are there are many different options. Here are five platforms below:

WordPress started as a blogging tool and content management system (CMS), but has turned into a full-scale website platform because of its many plugins and the flexibility it offers. It is a very popular platform with 15% of the top million websites using WordPress.

The platform is free, but there is typically a cost for add-ons (i.e. plugins and templates) and thousands of different themes allow you to change the look of the site without changing its content.  It’s easy to use and SEO friendly so sites built with WP are often highly favoured by search engines.

Drupal is also a free CMS system which, like WordPress, makes it easy to manage, organize and publish content. It is easily customizable with many free designs and plugins. Drupal was created initially to be a web design platform and users often state that it is more flexible and scalable than WordPress, but can take more work to build and maintain pages.

Volusion is great if you are looking to start a professional-looking web store. It has thousands of premium templates which allow the customer to zoom in on products, do product comparison, and can show all your product options.

It is PCI Certified, which means it has very high online security standards, which is key when customers will be purchasing items. Volusion charges a monthly fee, but this includes hosting costs, and shouldn’t overshadow the fact that if you are going to have a strictly e-commerce site, Volusion is the way to go.

Design Software

Adobe Dreamweaver is web page creation software, which is essentially a web code editor for HTML and CSS. Though Dreamweaver states that it’s easy to use, knowing the basics of HTML is helpful; otherwise you won’t be able to do much customization on the pages. Dreamweaver has lots of bells and whistles – tools to help layout your webpage and a lot of different templates and ways to manage your files.

Kompozer is the free, open source version of Dreamweaver.  Kompozer has fewer options than Dreamweaver (doesn’t support RSS or .svg or .tiff images, for example) but Kompozer is compatible with Linux, and claims that it’s easy to use, even for novices.

Visual Elements

You could hire a professional photographer to take pictures for your website, but there are many stock photo sites online. Here are two:

Stock Xchng (sxc.hu)  is a free gallery containing more than 350,000 photos from thousands of amateur photographers. There are many great pictures, but since the photographers are not professional, some of the pictures are lower quality.

Depositphotos has thousands of professional stock photography and videos in many different categories.  You have to pay to use these pictures, but they are royalty-free, so the picture can be used in many different places at no extra charge. Because these photos and videos are taken by professionals, they are of good quality and use of professional models.

Once you have chosen photos for your website, you may decide to edit or alter them. Here are a couple of popular software options:

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular (and most expensive) image editors. It allows you to do typical photo editing such as cropping and re-touching, but you can also add or remove elements, change the size, colour and shape.  Photoshop also allows you to draw your own images, but draws by pixel, which means that if you enlarge the picture too much, it can look choppy and won’t retain its clarity.

Gimp is a free, open source version of Photoshop. It provides a lot of different add-ons so that it functions almost as well as a purchased photo editor, including image retouching and creating designs. One negative of Gimp is that it only has 8 bit colour while Photoshop has 16 bit


While your site may not solely be an e-commerce site, there may be a store element within your site. In this case, you will need an easy-to-use shopping cart within your site. Fortunately, platforms have recognized this and have created many different plugins for adding a shopping cart to your site.

For WordPress, some of the common ones are WP e-commerce and Quick Shop. When working with Drupal, Ubercart seems most often used, but Magento has a lot of different options.

The above tools are just a few which can be used to make a great website. What are some of your favourites?

5 Great Suggestions for Freelance Web Designers

Freelance web designers are often thought as being those free individuals that are their own bosses and do what they want, when they want, how they want. However, this is only an outsider’s point of view, and this freelance job is actually as demanding and challenging as any other, if not more. In order to be a great freelance web designer, and get more clients and more money, the following ideas may be of some help.

1. Get your work known through magazines and other professional publications

Even if you already have a great reputation among your customers and you have plenty of work on your hands, it does not hurt to make your work known. A great design that is worth including in the pages of a magazine addressed to this industry can bring you even more recognition, and, most of all, will add to the weight of your portfolio and your CV. Having work published in professional magazines will recommend you for higher paid jobs and your career will experience a boost.

2. Join a community of web designers

Knowing the tools of the trade is not enough. There can be plenty of things you do not know and you want to learn about, and there is no better way to do that than by joining a community of web designers where a lot of ideas and information are exchanged on a daily basis. This way, you can keep yourself up to date and it will be easier for you to corner the market, if you have the proper know how.

3. Start your own designer’s blog

While you can be reached through various venues in order to get projects, it does not hurt to start your own blog and show your design ideas there. You can use your blog to communicate with potential clients, with other designers and with other people that might be interested in your work. You will also contribute to your professional status by showing interest in your profession. Your blog can also serve as a veritable showcase for your works.

4. List your portfolio on important websites

As a freelance web designer, you may be well aware that there are plenty of websites out there that showcase the works of people just like you. Your interest is to get your work listed on those websites, so you need to put together your portfolio and get it there, where you are sure that will get you plenty of exposure. When a client asks to see your works, you can always send them a link to these professional websites.

5. Post your designs to design galleries

Another method to make yourself known as a freelance web designer is to post your designs to design galleries. These design galleries are a great tool for getting the word out on what a great artist you are and, again, an opportunity to show your potential clients your work. Getting listed on galleries can bring you more attention and more recognition, as well.

Know All the Strategies For Website Maintenance

Although, creating or building a website needs lot of efforts and time, but maintaining it is also not an easy task. It is very essential to maintain your website if you want to keep it from becoming stagnant and prevent losing visitors. Website maintenance involves continuous updating with fresh content, preventing it from broken links, sloppy code and makes it innovative from time to time by introducing new features in it for the visitors to explore. Let’s look at the few essential strategies that can be used for website maintenance:

1. Look for errors: Some websites do not pay attention on the broken links and as a result when a visitor visits the website and click on it, he gets nothing else but to read, “404 page not found” error. This does not leave a good impression on a visitor and he may prohibit from visiting your website in the future. Website errors such as broken links can desperately annoy visitors making them look for other sites. There might be certain businesses that may have closed down which were once linked to your site. Such kind of links can cause broken links to appear. It is important to keep a track on such activities and check for broken links every month.

2. HTML codes:  It is important to write clean and error free html codes to prevent any kind of negative effect on your search engine rankings. Your ranking can suffer from improper or incomplete tags placed by your webmaster.

For example:

<p this is the most searched keyword phrase

‘Note: The P tag above is missing a closing bracket.

The code should rather be written as:

<p> this is the most searched keyword phrase

Apparently, the search engine will only read the keyword-rich text as attribute of the paragraph tag and ignore it. As we all know that the search engines spider text should be highly visible at the top of your web page, you will very clearly lose the opportunity to gain high search engine rankings.

3. Update your website regularly: Make sure you add fresh content to the website on daily basis to improve your search engine ranking. To get your website among top search results it is important to update or change the content on your web pages on regular basis.

4.  Monitor web site rankings: Monitoring the web site ranking is one of the most important parts of website maintenance. Without performing this step you may never be able to understand the reason of drop in sale and demand of your products and services. It is necessary to stay up to date with the changes in search engine and make adjustments accordingly.

5. Keep a track of website statistics: Monitor the number of visitors visiting your website on daily, monthly and yearly basis. This will help you to make strategies accordingly to increase the traffic on your website. Your host can provide you with lots of details that will help you to make further decisions such as the location of maximum number of visitors, keywords used to find the web site etc.

6. Innovation in web designs: Design of your website plays an important role in attracting and holding customers on the site. Try to make some changes in the designs of your web page or look of your site on periodic basis. Do not play with the basic theme of the website while making changes. You can consider adding more images, change the color of the links, or add certain features which were not included in your Web Design Leicester earlier. You can also make some changes in the fonts and presentation of blog and articles.

How to Turn One’s Instagram from Simple to Magnificent

Are the social media marketing guys putting a lot into the Instagram account with little or no results? Well perhaps the problem is not exactly on their part but on the photographer’s. Travel shots should be excellent, should stand out from what the competition offers, and should be able to sell not only the destination, but the feeling and experience. Regardless of the device one is using, it is important to be able to capture these three elements into a single shot. With this, leveraging posts for those Instagram likes and conversions becomes much easier.

Maximizing the shot

The first thing every photographer should think about is the maximization of the shots they take. Whether this involves changing camera angles or taking photos with the phone tilted horizontally, the first concern should be to capture as much of the scenery or subject as possible. The same goes for the number of photos one captures. Take several shots even of the same subject or scenery. Capture different angles and vary elements like exposure, lighting and symmetry. It is much easier to edit out the unwanted parts or delete the photos that are less than suitable, than it is having to go out to the field again for more shots.


Modern technology, even with smartphone cameras, gives the ability to capture the highest grade photos and moments. For instance, high end phones like the iPhone can capture quick action shots near perfectly with their burst feature. Still, nothing beats the human side of the equation. When one goes out to the field to capture those images, most of the time it is with a particular moment in mind. While camera technology might help, it does not hurt anticipating that moment and looking for those few shots that capture the seconds during and around the perfect moments. When photographing scenery, timing and anticipation involves knowing just the right time of day to schedule a photo shoot. For dramatic scenery, go for the early morning or late evening shots.


Even when photographing nature and leisure activities, it still pays to respect some of the basic rules of photography. The rule of thirds is one example. With a phone, one can have their grids help with this. Combined with the editing options available on Instagram especially after taking a wide angle photo, the results will be perfect. These simple rules of photography are there for the benefit of the photographer, to help them display visually appealing photos and a healthy balance between detail and perspective or symmetry.


At the end of the day, remember Instagram appeals to the people. For a travel related page, while the magnificent views and scenery will bring in those followers, the numbers will only be helpful if these followers see just how easy it is to enjoy it first hand when they use the company’s services. Include a human element to the scenery. For instance, while photos of waterfalls might be majestic and glorious, appeal to the adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers by posting photos of people diving down into the cool water below, and having fun while at it.



Stephanie is the founder of one of the biggest travel and marketing blogs in the industry. She now uses her expertise and experience to help businesses make use of those Instagram likes and followers.


More and more companies fall made before the Big data although only 24% know how to manage it

52% of companies consider the big data as an opportunity, while a 4.5% see it as a threat. Collection, management and analysis of data has become an essential tool for companies who know that the potential is huge and big data companies achieve greater extract the juice will have a strong comparative advantage. It is thanks to data can better understand customers and their wishes, improving from product development or distribution thereof, communication and marketing.

With this in mind, not surprising to discover that 51% of companies will increase their investment in big data in the coming years, or that 52% see the data as a big opportunity (while only 4.5% view it as a threat). They are results of a survey of DNV GL – Business Assurance and GFK Eurisko about 2,000 professionals from three different continents, which gives very interesting information on the adoption of big data globally. Continue reading “More and more companies fall made before the Big data although only 24% know how to manage it”