5 More Things That All Customers Really Want

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When customers interact with a business, it goes without saying that they expect a positive experience with the products and services as well as the staff. But if something goes wrong, quality customer services becomes arguably more important than the product itself, both to the customer and to your reputation.

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Online reviews are today’s version of word-of-mouth recommendations, with many brands offering the chance for customers to leave reviews about their products. According to a 2018 survey on online reviews by ReviewTrackers, more than half of customers who post reviews will expect a response from the business if their feedback is less than positive. How you respond when things go wrong can make all the difference.

1. Recover Quickly and Gracefully

A sincere apology and the chance to vent their frustration are important to customers if they have a complaint. They’ll want a regular update on progress until their problem is resolved.

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2. Creative Solutions

A positive outcome should always be your goal. A flexible approach to dealing with customers will make them feel valued.

3. An Enthusiastic Approach

Whether it’s via a phone conversation, a face-to-face meeting or an email or text, it’s important for customers to feel the enthusiasm of your staff. Tone of voice, body language and well-chosen words are essential to convey that your company cares.

4. Quick Support

We all value our time, and it’s no different for our customers. Research involving 7000 consumers in the US found that over 70% considered valuing their time as key to good customer service. Customers must be routed quickly to the right people, who are experienced and knowledgeable in their field, in order to solve problems efficiently.

5. Going That Extra Mile

Customers will be most impressed with the agent who goes above and beyond their call of duty. Establish a culture in your firm that encourages exceeding a customer’s expectations. The customer review that describes how initial disappointment at receiving a broken product is reversed with first class customer care and a replacement received in 24 hours carries as much kudos as a glowing five-star review.


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