Will Public Libraries Eventually Come to an End Because of Websites?

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Libraries have been around since the 17th century and have provided millions of people with the help and information they have needed to benefit them in life, whether that be for their own career or for a personal hobby. Many people think public libraries and the like could be on their last legs because of the internet and the many websites that provide people with the information they need. And, many librarians who have an online MLIS degree from taking advantage of an online MLIS program via Rutgers Online are also a bit worried that their investment in terms of time and money could be wasted due to websites providing all the information people need. Qualified librarians and students studying for a master of information degree need not be worried though, as libraries provide a lot of benefits websites cannot, and these are listed below.

Libraries Are Quiet

Libraries don’t just provide information; there are many other benefits to visiting a library. For example, many students choose to not only seek information that is valuable to their studies, but they also choose to study in libraries because of their quiet atmosphere, which allows them to get on with their research in peace.

Accurate Information

One of the other benefits that libraries provide is that the information is a lot more accurate than that found online, as there are many websites out there that fill their sites with content written by writers that are not experienced in the specific subject they are writing about. This means that going to a library to get information that is correct would be the best option if the information needed is going to be used for professional purposes.

Libraries Have the Internet

Many libraries now have computers and the internet installed on the premises so going to the library to study would be ideal to get both information from the library and online. Going to the library will give you peace and quiet, accurate information for your studies, and access to the internet to let you compare information, so going to the library would be the best option in multiple cases.

Libraries Are Great for the Older Generation

A lot of the older generation have got with the times and had internet installed at home, but there is still a large majority of the older population that hasn’t got the internet, so libraries will still need to be around for those people to take advantage of the information they need.

If libraries did ever come under threat because of websites providing all of the information people need, it would provide the government benefits in terms of being able to save money. It’s not just public libraries that will be closed, it will also be libraries in schools, colleges, and universities which could help the government save money and invest in other public services. It’s highly unlikely that public libraries will ever be closed because of the many benefits they offer, but if technology continues in the direction it is going, then there could be some big changes in the future.

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