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The masterstroke Coca-Cola is that makes the consumer never abandon the brand and that his memory is always present.

How to accustom consumers to the brand image and knows how to make a completely intuitive way? Brands looking to their consumers are able to recognize them in seconds and are able to determine which brand is the one that is before them totally organic and quickly. Brands want to be very powerful and very recognizable visual identities and a few touches of color or typeface serve to show the world and who they are. Achieving this is not easy and strategy that brands have continued to do that is different in each case.

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One of the brands that have managed to become one of the most recognized is Coca-Cola. The soft drink brand has a long history and it has become one of the most readily identifiable companies in the world. Everyone has ever seen any mention of the fact that Coca-Cola is everywhere and it matters little remote place you go to there will also be the refreshing drink. In fact, the weight of the ‘ubiquitous’ Coca-Cola condition is such that 70% of turnover and 80% of company profits come from outside the US market. Coca-Cola has had over the years a policy of massive expansion that has made ​​it virtually ubiquitous, but the truth is that this was not the only factor that led to success and, above all, recognition of brand. A very important part of the success of Coca-Cola is in its very efficient marketing strategy.

Coca-Cola has created a very compact, very unified visual identity and is very similar in all countries, which makes the company to be able to always show the same elements in all markets and be recognized by all consumers no matter where you actually are. The firm has opted for a typeface or a play of colors, which has always defended and which have become the elements that have been identified over time. Everyone knows the story of why Santa Claus is dressed in a red suit. The point is not that this is their traditional dress but rather an artist of Coca-Cola decided to dress in the early twentieth century with corporate colors and so remained.

To this must be added a packaging that has crossed the line and has become an iconic element in understanding how their visuals have shaped Coca-Cola.

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All that is not soda

The drink is a very recognizable element, one which also has been associated with a lifestyle and one that has become not only a desired ‘if’ but also has become a creator of elements derived product. That is, consumers no longer just consume Coca-Cola as a refreshing drink but consume many more things that have to do with drinking. There is a chicken recipe Coca-Cola (and a recipe book using the drink can be found in any bookstore) is just a sample of the drink has crossed over and entered part of something broader: the Coca-Cola has become more everyday and something consumers are willing to incorporate many more levels than simply the product itself for what it was born.

Moreover, the coup in the incorporation of Coca-Cola a day to day, which means that consumers never abandon the brand and that his memory is always present (much more present, moreover, that of its competitors) is in the merchandising of the brand. The list of things you can buy related to Coca-Cola, or the list of things that can be achieved (brand campaigning which launches products and branded items that consumers can achieve), is very long and covers many of products. By having, Coca-Cola has a official online store which may be made ​​from T-shirts or refrigerators to speakers bluetooth, bracelets made ​​with derivative cans and bottles materials or cups, cans and bars cocoa flavor to your drinks.

Added to this is that the products of Coca-Cola have a life beyond the moment. Consumers are not only interested in enough to pay for brand contemporary product (which is a bombshell power very powerful brand: consumers are paying for something that is ultimately advertising) but are also fans enthusiasts products of the past. Pick up the merchandising of Coca-Cola years ago is an issue that moves interests, money and having an organized and delivered community. The firm has even assigned a Coca-Cola Collectors Club, born in 1974 founded by a group of collectors and in which there are now more than 5,000 people from about 28 countries. Its members are enthusiastic brand and pursue all associated products. Their existence is something organized and ‘serious’, so that even make conventions and meetings.

How licensing strategy Coca-Cola works

As he explained in an article in a magazine of academic marketing the then CEO of Coca-Cola Italy, Fabio Albanese, “everything communicates” when it comes to brand awareness. “The key to the success of the brand is the successful integration of the different ways in which a company can communicate its values ​​and optimizing the performance of each one of them”, he explained, getting there the element of trademark licenses. For a brand such as Coca-Cola, licensing the use of its iconic images is good for making money but rather primary way to position the brand “in market sectors Seian otherwise unattainable.” In the case of Coca-Cola, he explained, they do naturally and more or less organic: what the consumer may need is created.

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The giant has a small “elite” group of brands that gives their licenses. Each case is studied in great detail for, as then explained the manager, protect any aspect of the agreement. Coca-Cola is very careful with what you do with your brand (to license carelessly can have a very negative impact on how the brand is seen) as well as those entitled to use it. Each product is associated with a particular partner. This is what generates all the products associated with Coca-Cola, such as the bar to drink flavored cocoa, which make the product is a little everywhere.

A licensed items, add that the brand itself created to give to their customers, which is as demanding as those sold. In the article, the manager explained that care not only to represent the brand values ​​but also how it reaches the consumer. “Everyone in the company must ensure that the products are presented in a good way the consumer,” he wrote.

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